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Summer 2013

A Wonderful Writer With An All Embracing Vision

Animal Padre newsletter Jackie Jones-Hunt
Published by 'House Of Light' Publishers. ISBN 9781622872763. (Also available via Amazon.)

Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt, the writer of this of the book above, has excelled herself in such a publication, and I learn that there are more to follow! Indeed, in an age when 'top' denominations of Christendom have come to commend each other while - at the same time - viewing smaller branches of lesser orthodoxy as still outside of their circle, this bright and far seeing writer sees a real place for movements such as Christian Spiritualism, Swedenborg philosophy and their concepts of animals as having a real place within.

The gifted writer of this series knows that our Good Shepherd 'has the whole world in His hands' and that His love embraces the whole of His creation and not just a group of self-interested humans concerned about their own hopeful ‘pie in the sky when they die!’!

God grant all power to the pen of such a writer as this one whose books should surely be amongst 'top priority' reading for Seminarians, Bible students, and animal loving folk of all Faiths?  And, one thing is sure: once you start reading this author's books, you'll have difficulty in putting them down. The fact is that she not only appeals to the head but also to the heart as well. Indeed, I refer to today's ecumenical movement as still stinted and not as all-embracing as it should be; and this is so obviously also the view of Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt who is no mean theologian!
Indeed, this writer is one who really knows her subject matter due to having academically specialised in other world Faiths and not just that of Western Christendom. Yes indeed, Jesus said: "Other Sheep I have which are not of this fold and them also I must bring!" Well, such is the concept of the writer of this most helpful book, with the promise of more to follow and complement it!

Such writings convey a love for all creation and also a most necessary emphasis on ourselves; our relationship with animals; and - most of all - our terrific responsibility to be caring guardians over them: Yes, factors which 'so called' Christianity has failed to address for far, far, too long! God will surely bless this bright, vivacious and relevant writer whose books will be as a tonic and breath of fresh air amongst so many works of dry academia which poor Ordinands frequently slog through so as to be ‘equipped?’ to serve the lowly Jesus Of Nazareth!

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