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Summer 2013

‘Show Celebrities’ Show Compassion While Clerics Remain Mute

Animal Padre newsletter Brian May badger cull
Brian and Our Judi!

Rock Star Brian May speaks up for badgers – even creates a song in their defence!

Yes, and all at a time when clerics of so much influence appear to avoid controversy at all costs!  However top stars such as Dame Judi Dench rally to his side; and so does our own ‘lesser known’ Judi Hewitt; and all to stop the cruel cull of defenceless little badgers.

Yes, defenceless creatures used as a scapegoat for the spread of bovine TB; the causes of which are surely linked to the inhumane treatment, transport and vile surroundings of these sensitive, herbivorous creatures? 

Yet clergy remain mute as they don’t wish to cross swords with the National Farmers Union or with politicians with mercenary interests!

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