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Summer 2013

Desensitization, The Price For Vivisection

I discovered an example of this while in my work as Senior Chaplain over all the hospitals of a Scottish diocese. Yes, I there and then, began to realise that certain past students who’d had no qualms within vivisection labs, were amongst those who ended up treating humans with a Cartesian approach as if any pain expressed was no more than the turning of an inanimate hinge requiring lubrication. They were amongst that despicable breed of Consultants – gradually dying out, and certainly not before time! – who were the fear and terror of so many sensitive and caring nurses and ward sisters.

At the beginning of their career they had eagerly experimented on defenceless animals as if their victims were nothing more than bits of meat on a slab. Need one wonder then that they later ended up cold, curt, callous and cruel to humans who sought their aid?  Is nort this one of the main reasons why the pursuit of medical advancement via vivisection has done infinitely far more harm in the long run than it has done good?

Yet the gullible majority still encourage this pseudo-science to spread, via donating to Cancer Research, the British Heart Foundation, and a whole host of similar callous organisations!  These frequently claim to to have just about got to ‘the top of the ladder’ in finding some specific cure. Yes, but we find it has been leaning on the wrong wall!  It has been one of downright desensitisation, callousness and utter cruelty; rather than one of altruism, empathy, compassion, love and care! Fortunately, more are realising that those who vivisect on live, trusting and defenceless animals are not the kind of ‘human’ to be trusted for even the ‘breakthroughs’ they may claim!

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