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Winter 2013

So Grateful Not To Be Of The Present Generation!

Yes, not to be a promoter of living with an assortment of so called temporary partners, through which children have been brought in to a selfish world void of knowledge as to who their Dad is! Such, in the past, were termned in law as illegitimate, and in the Bible as bastards!. However,, the latter term is now viewed as totally unacceptable and offensive to a secularist state. Indeed, most health and care workers would frown upon such terms.  But then, the vast majority of these are - in biblical terminology - ‘living in sin’, and in past everyday terminology: ‘living over the brush!’ Such a largely stinted breed of humans openly views Christ’s birth in a manger as on a par with Father Christmas coming down a chimney!

Yes, concerning the latter, they too - when youngsters – had soon programmed to equate Santa Claus and The baby Jesus as being very much on the same level of infantile credulity. Soon to be outlived.  As one grows out of believing in Santa, so one grows out of believing in Jesus! However, such stories are good for mercenary minded shopkeepers and multi-complex Department stores!   In fact, so literally ‘brain-washed’ have the masses become over the years, that they simply ‘just have to go out and send gifts or cards to passing acquaintances’.

Without doing the latter, they feel tormented, restless and guilty.  Yes, as equally guilty and miserable as to deny one’s self. and ones closest family members, ‘tinsel and turkey banquets. “Good gracious”, they say, “what is Christmas coming to if one cannot indulge in a turkey bred and fattened in sheds so as to appeal to ones taste buds? Don’t tell me that we shouldn’t eat animals at Christmas  All the monks in the monasteries; all the nuns in the convents; and all the parish priests and Vicars do. Therefore, it’s obviously OK!  Indeed, what do you think animals and birds are put on ths earth for, if it’s’ not to kill them for food or sport?”

I’m hardly a lover of Church Newspapers, though of them all, I prefer The Church Of England Newspaper which was the first of many.  Indeed, I find that each week a writer contributes an article on Spirituality. Indeed, she is Professor Of Spirituality at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford: the college I passed through quite speedily in oirder to be ordained in to the C. Of E.   Well, I do not wish to misjudge the dear lady, but having found out that she is most happily married to one notoriously known as ‘The Hunting Parson’ I think I can be forgiven for questioning how much spiritual depth she has. But then we all have our shortcomings and I’m wisely reminded that each time we point a finger at another, three fingers of the same hand point back at one’s self!

I hope you do not think that I am too outspoken in this News Letter?  In a most crooked age of so called Political Correctness, one can hardly write to the Press about ones opinions; the fact being that it might offend minority groups!  Yes, quite a farce when one realizes that in a Democracy it is the will of the majority that should always prevail!  But then, without censuring freedom of speech tyrants can never succeed and evil would be unable to spread.  Consequently, one may use the vilest of language on the Media, but at the same time: refer to a black fellow as colored or a practising ‘Gay’ as biblically perverse, and you’ll have secularist lawyers and minor pressure groups out to catch and sue you.

Meanwhile - in a corrupt and largely unelected EU contingency based within Brussels – one finds a contingent out to undo, as quick as it can, all that people in Britain risked or forfeited their life for in two horrendous World wars.  Indeed, this modern UK - controlled by crawlers who deceitfully sell us out to the EU – or dissolve us by deceitfully bringing a whole lot of undesirables in! - is openly undoing what our fore-fathers died for in battle.  Such ‘slimy politicians’ know full well that the majority of the public have wanted for decades: an in/out Referendum concerning the EU, But – thinking only of themselves and the wealthy niche they have made for themselves - they go against all previous promises, to represent the electorate.

Indeed, this modern age of scruffy undesirable layabouts on one side: and greedy, corrupt, politicians on the other, has done a ‘top job’ in bringing this country down.  All they need is - in an age of unprecedented storms and geological havoc which ensues - is to further Nuclear Plants all over the UK. Yes ‘and primarily owned by foreigners who offer ‘back door’ temporary perks’. Yes and local civil communities are usually only too keen to oblige because many of the latter would sell their very Grannie for a bag of chips!

Indeed, such despicable examples of ‘a biblically ‘fallen race’ are today’s decaying fruit of a largely soulless society biased towards evil because its educational system has put first priority on ‘the tree of acquiring knowledge’; while the tree of ‘acquiring the art of living’ is its very last of its prioriies. Consequently, the society it’s created is dangerously lop sided with folk unable to go straight, having heads as big as base balls, yet souls as shrivelled as peanuts. Giving least space, for Spiritual and Moral factors we’re turning little rascals in to big rogues!

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