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Winter 2013

In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions!

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The above words of Jesus, are also the words of a lovely gospel song, sung by Elvis Presley which is well worth typing in to ‘Google Search’ so as to both watch as well as listen to. Indeed, such a song reveals a Jesus compatible to New Testament teaching and far removed from the dry and drab theology of both traditional Catholicism and also its opposite: depressing and dogmatic Calvinism.  Both extremes have, regrettably, something in common: animals are rejected as being soulless creatures for which there can be no place in their Heaven!

Well, I ask in all fairness: who in their right mind would wish to end up in either the Heaven of a Thomas Aquinas or that of a John Calvin?  Or – to bring it up much closer to our present era - the Heaven anticipated by an aging Benedict or that of an equally aging Paisley?  Indeed, the biblical exegesis, slants and biases of both, are as unattractive as their opposites! Therefore, to find on Utube the late Elvis singing a biblically based gospel song accompanied and illustrated by Jesus being with both children and animals, was a real breath of fresh air to me.

I sense that the only other bright illustrations depicting the Hereafter of the Believer as a place where animals are accompanied with children, is in the publications of the Seventh Day Adventists and the Watchtower publications of the Jehovah Witnesses.  Yet the latter is as ‘off beam’ concerning what happens after death, as is the former.  Both of these Sects wrongly affirm that there is neither a conscious Hell awaiting the wicked, or a conscious Paradise immediately following death for the practising Christian!  Yet Jesus clearly spoke to Moses and Elijah - who’d physically died many centuries previous! - while He was in a trance upon a mountain side.  Indeed, He was also shortly to tell a truly penitent thief on the first Good Friday that He would shortly be with him (spiritually) in Paradise; but obviously not in body!

Indeed, the belief that to be absent in the body was to be present with the Lord Jesus was that of the early church.  The apostle Paul, for example, said he was pulled between two ways: ‘to be absent in the body so as to be present with Jesus in the hereafter, which was far, far better; or to remain suffering in the body on earth, while helpful to struggling fellow Christians!:  The implication is that while the body sleeps on, awaiting future transformation appropriate, that meanwhile the soul or spirit is undoubtedly exceedingly conscious.  Indeed, is this not so in many an earthly dream state, not to mention the ‘proven’ contributions of psychic research?

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