Animal Writes
3 January 1999 Issue

Every Meal Can Make A Difference

Save the world? Sure.

Sure you want to save the world, but you're probably wondering what eating has to do with it. It's just you and ten tons of problems out there. What can you save exactly? Well, trees. Water. Topsoil. Habitats, Cows, Chickens, Money and maybe People.

Yes, you can.

It's a little complicated, but the immense amount of resources that goes into producing meat could feed a whole lot more people if it was just left as grain and legumes.

Just having one vegetarian meal can free up resources to feed seven people.

And if Americans ate just 10% less meat, the land, water and energy that would be freed up could be used to feed 100,000,000 people. We're talking the end of world hunger here. In our lifetime.

. . . Any time you eat veggie it helps.

Every day, 50 acres of tropical rain forest are cleared for cattle ranching. Most of the meat comes to us in the form of hamburgers. Someone figured every burger produced from Central American rain forest destroys 55 square feet of forest.

Someone also figured that an average family of four could save $4,000 a year if they went vegetarian. Vegetarian eating can also help people reduce their fat and cholesterol levels and prevent hypertension and cancer.

You can be a veggie for a meal a day, a week or from now until the cows really do come home. It's all good. It always helps. You. Trees. Water. Farmland. Habitats. Creatures. And People.

Brought to you by Fantastic Foods!

Fantastic Foods has all kinds of recognized good stuff like grains, veggies and beans.

And no artificial weirdness.

What to do when you're hungry and trying to be healthy and in a hurry and you don't mind being socially responsible, if it's no trouble:

* Round out soup & pasta cups with raw veggies. * Top hot cereal cups with a banana or berries. * Use chili cups for speedy baked potato toppings.

* Use hummus instead of mayo on sandwiches. * Try chili or black bean soup for chip and veggie dips. * Spread hummus on bagels instead of cream cheese. * Turn couscous into a main dish with tofu.

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