Animal Writes
6 January 1999 Issue

Spay & Neuter Your Dogs and Cats!!
by [email protected]

I want people to realize what a tragedy it is to not spay and neuter your dogs and
cats, to not adopt shelter animals.

I've been volunteering at the dog pound here in Watkins Glen. And I fell in love with
the Blue Healer mix. Well, the pound is almost full, and within the next few days
they will start killing, I mean euthanizing. None of these dogs are old. All are
beautiful, friendly, and terribly lonely. Their reward for living in a cold, hard, wet
cell for months or weeks on end is getting a needle jabbed directly into their
hearts, and when they're dead they're thrown into a dumpster out back, like so
much garbage. I got my puppy from that same pound last year, and from where I
type, I can see him playing in the yard with four other dogs who were rescued from
shelters. It kills me to imagine those pound dogs, alone, confused, scared...
Hoping for a little love and affection when the men take them out of their cages,
only to be cruelly flipped onto their backs to be killed quickly and inhumanely
because the men want to hurry up and get back home. And I think about pet
shops and breeders, people who are so self-centered that they have to have the
perfect dog, this one certain breed while so many good-natured and loving dogs
are KILLED every day. I'd like to tell these people to spend the night in a cold hard
cage at a dog pound or animal shelter. Wait till those men come, and you think
they're bringing you freedom and comfort, but all that awaits you is a painful death,
and you'll never know why you weren't good enough to love.

I have loved these dogs, and I have watched them slip away into memory. And
every tear that I shed, every wall that I punch in frustration, will never make up for
the loss of these beautiful, innocent lives. As bad as I feel, nothing can equal the
tormented souls of the animals who die everyday because of human arrogance.

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