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13 January 1999 Issue

Book of the Week Correction

After the ARO book of the week, Slaughterhouse, was sent out, we found that
the price was not $29.95 as we stated, but is $25.95 instead. We also thought
you might be interested in some of the reviews this book has received:

"I have just read SLAUGHTERHOUSE at one sitting....Gail Eisnitz has
penetrated the veil that hangs over meat production, and what she has found
will shock every reader....Eisnitz is a brilliant investigator, writes superbly,
and has the courage and persistence of someone who knows that she is
right....Whether you eat meat or not—if you care about humans or animals—
this book is a must read."
--- Dr. Peter Singer

"....SLAUGHTERHOUSE will make you aware. It will wake you up.
It will change your life."
--- John Robbins

"....This book has the potential for slaughterhouse reform as no book has
since Upton Sinclair’s 1906 THE JUNGLE turned stomachs and inspired
improved laws to govern the meat industry."
--- Animal Protection Institute

"The Jungle has born a daughter. It is tireless and tenacious investigative
journalist Gail Eisnitz’ recent tome Slaughterhouse...Whether readers will
actually be able to take the reins from the all-powerful USDA and meat
processors remains to be seen. But Eisnitz has taken many trips to hell
and back in the hopes that they will."
--- WASHINGTON POST Reporter Kari Lydersen in CHICAGO INK

"SLAUGHTERHOUSE, a fast-moving, gripping and gritty account that
speaks volumes of the tenacity and investigative savvy of author Gail Eisnitz,
may do for factory-farmed animals what horror tales of factory farming alone
could not."

"SLAUGHTERHOUSE is an intensively researched exposé written by a
woman who, virtually single-handed, uncovered the de facto repeal of our
country’s federal Humane Slaughter Act."
--- Christine Stevens
Animal Welfare Institute

"SLAUGHTERHOUSE is an engaging true-life detective story....A scathing
broadside about exactly what the animals on our dinner plate went through
to get there."
--- Bill Wallace,

"Not since Upton Sinclair wrote THE JUNGLE has a book appeared that
takes such a thought-provoking look at how animals used as food are
slaughtered. Gail Eisnitz exposes the inhumane treatment of farm animals as
they make their final journey and the horrific conditions under which
slaughterhouse workers must perform their jobs. This book is a must-read."
--- Humane Society of the U.S.

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