Animal Writes
7 February 1999 Issue

Virtual Sit-in for the Yellowstone Buffalo
by [email protected]

Since I left the Buffalo Nations camp last month, 13 bison have been captured and
sent to the slaughterhouse. Eleven were males which means there was no
chance they could have been infectious carriers of the disease brucellosis which
is the state of Montana's excuse for killing the bison.

The only risk posed to Montana's cattle is from infectious pregnant female bison
since the bacteria is transmitted by contaminated abortion tissue. (And this risk
is zero since cattle aren't allowed to graze near Yellowstone Park until June.)
Nevertheless, the government of Montana continues to kill bison who wander on
public land in the Gallatin National Forest. Five members of the activist group
Buffalo Nations have been arrested for trying to prevent the capture and kill
process, on such charges as trespass and interfering with government officials.

We at Animal Rights Online believe that civil disobedience is sometimes justified
by the commission of a greater wrong such as what the state of Montana is doing
to the bison. AROnline would never encourage its readers to throw fake blood on
a fur coat nor urge you to throw a pie in the face of someone like, oh, say,
Governor Marc Racicot of Montana.

But there is a legal virtual sit in tomorrow, Monday, Feb. 8 at 12 noon until 6pm
EST that you can join if you feel this issue merits it. The decision is up to you.
Tomorrow a new web site promoting the state of Montana goes active online. A
Virtual sit-in is planned, by bison rescuers, to protest Montana's killing of the
bison. If this one goes well, it will continue on Tuesday, and so on until a clear
statement has been made about the 15 bison killed so far.

This action will not cause any damage to Montana state official's computers nor
in any other way disrupt the state's business. What it will do is make the
Montana state website overcrowded and unavailable for other people to visit. The
webmasters know of this planned action and know that this is a protest of their
cruel and unnecessary policies of killing the buffalo of Yellowstone.

Here is how you can participate if you are so inclined.
The following sites have a cgi (Java) program that will automatically "reload" a
targeted web site about 20/30 times a minute. With a few hundred people doing
this, it essentially overloads the web site and makes it "unavailable".

On Monday at Noon EST, go to one of these sites and click on "Begin Flooding"
at the bottom of the page. (Be sure to follow the set up instructions first, which
instruct you to turn off your Java script, if you are using Internet explorer choose
view, then options, then advanced, then click There are also instructions for
turning off your temporary internet files):

Go to the site early to read the instructions. If you leave the ddkfoyer.htm off of
the url address you go to a directory where you can find more information about
the site.

Another thing that makes your protest efforts more effective is for you to open a
"New Navigator Window" and have all three sites going at once on three different
Navigator Windows. This is like visiting three favorite places at the same time.
The browser will be doing the work automatically. It won't interfere with any other
work you are doing.

By taking part in this virtual sit-in you are not causing any real damage, but you
are helping to send a message to the state of Montana that the unnecessary
killing of the Yellowstone buffalo must end.

Remember that this is not a game, but is like going to a real protest, so look to
your own conscience for guidance.

If you would rather use email or snail mail to protest Montana's policies, please
go to the Buffalo Nations website for the addresses of the involved parties.

Just say NO! Your words make a difference!!!

For the latest news on the bison visit the following website frequently:


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