Animal Writes
17 February 1999 Issue

The Facts About Neutered Animals

Myth: A female should have one litter before she is spayed.
Fact: Medical evidence shows just the opposite. In fact, females that are
spayed before their first heat are healthier overall and live longer.

Myth: I don't have to worry. I always find homes for the puppies and
Fact: Even if you do find homes, can you be certain the animals will be
welcome when their cuteness wears off? And how many of them will
go on to add to the overpopulation problem by having litters of their
own? In addition, for every puppy and kitten your companion animal
gives birth to (and you find homes for), an animal in a shelter will die
from a lack of a good home.

Myth: My pet will get fat and lazy.
Fact: Not true. Pets gain weight because they don't receive the proper diet
or exercise.

Myth: My animal is a purebred. I'll find homes for the puppies or kittens.
Fact: One out of every four animals brought to shelters across the country
is a purebred. There are too many animals, mixed and purebreds,
and too few homes.

Myth: I want my dog to be productive.
Fact: Spaying and neutering do not affect a dog's natural instincts to
protect its home and family. A dog's personality is formed more by
genetics and environment than by its sex hormones.

Myth: I want my children to see the miracle of birth.
Fact: But your children do not see the tragedy associated with unwanted
pets. There are many wonderful books and videos on birth you can
show your children.

There are not enough good homes for the dogs and cats we have, and
more are born every day. Become a part of the solution to this problem.
Have your dog, cat or rabbit altered today and enjoy the benefits of
owning a neutered pet.

* Your pet will be more content. Unaltered animals often want to roam to find a
mate and can be overaggressive.

* Your pet will be healthier as he or she will be less susceptible to certain

* Your cat will be less likely to spray his territory inside your house.

* You will not have to ward of male cats or dogs when your female pet is in

* You will not have to find homes for the offspring and you won't have to suffer
the heartbreak when some or all of the puppies and kittens don't find homes.

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