Animal Writes
28 February 1999 Issue

Vegan Outrage

by [email protected]

Sometimes, it is too easy to forget I was once an omnivore. Sometimes, it is
all too easy to forget that I was an ovo lacto vegetarian for so many years
before I found what I now believe is the true path to animal liberation,

Sometimes it is easy to get angry with people who haven't found the "true path"
yet. I recently realized that I haven't made any new friends in several years
who weren't either vegans or vegetarians on the way to this better lifestyle.

Last week, I went to a talk by an ex-neo nazi who was speaking out against
racism and bigotry and I realized that I was a hypocrite. I had imagined that
I was eating a diet for compassion, but I had hate in my heart. I had intoler-
ance and hate for all those people who hadn't seen the mistake of their diets,
the hypocrites who loved their pets and loved wildlife but didn't see any harm
in having a hamburger.

Hate for all those people who contributed to animal slaughter, the meat eaters,
the milk drinkers who didn't see how using dairy products contributed to the
suffering of cows and the continuation of the veal industry. Hate for all of those
who ate eggs and contributed to the battery-caged chicken factory farms.
I felt that the word had been out there for a long time, and that people should
have realized by now that veganism was the only way to animal liberation.

And then I recognized the contradiction. Unless you love the human animal
with all the contradictions and faults and shortcomings, you can't really bring
about a better world nor can you know love. And unless we animal rightists
and vegans are examples, not of intolerance and extremism, but of Love and
Compassion then no one will look to us as an example of how life should be.

Intolerance will only drive away the people that loving guidance can save.

Vegan outrage, no.

Vegan Outreach

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