Animal Writes
14 March 1999 Issue
Great American Meatout

By [email protected]

March 20th, next Saturday, is the date of the 15th annual Great American
Meatout. This is one of the few times during the year that vegetarians can get
away with a little more intrusion into the lives of their friends. It is to be
expected that vegetarians will ask people to give up meat for a day to celebrate
this event. So go ahead, be a little bit of an activist. Tell your friends that if
everyone in our country gave up meat for just one day it would save the lives of
two million animals. That's how many are slaughtered each day for food.

This week in preparation for the Meatout, you might like to print out a few fact
sheets to pass out from information available on the web... (for example...

How To Win An Argument With a Meat-Eater )

or make a poster to hang (with permission) at school, your office or at your
grocery or health food store. Dash off a quick letter to your local newspaper
tomorrow to let people in your city know that a vegetarian diet is the best way to
promote personal health, lessen animal suffering and conserve our planet's
natural resources. Buy a book for a non-vegetarian friend; I suggest John
Robbin's "Diet for a New America", Howard Lyman's "Mad Cowboy" or Eric
Marcus' "Vegan; the New Ethics of Eating."

If you can persuade someone to give up meat for a day, it is possible you
can get them to consider going all the way. Going vegan is the most important
step any individual can take to help all animals. Nine billion animals suffer and
are slaughtered each year to provide the meat based diet in our country.
Millions of other animals and wildlife are killed because they are competitors or
pests to the meat industry.

All the animals experimented on, all the animals used to test household
chemicals and cosmetics, all the animals raised for fur, all the animals who
suffer in rodeos and circuses are a drop in the bucket compared to the nine
billion who become food. If you are already a vegan, the next important thing
you can do is discover how to best spread this message to your friends and
gently and non-confrontationally convert them.

For more information on the Great American Meatout visit:

FARM - Farm Animal Reform Movement

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