Animal Writes
25 April 1999 Issue
The Buffalo Slaughter Continues

by [email protected] 

On April 15th, forty-five more Yellowstone buffalo were sent to the slaughter-
house by the state of Montana. Four died from injuries on the way to the
slaughterhouse and a number of unborn calves perished as well.

Why has Montana killed more than three thousand buffalo in the last decade?
Why are we losing a piece of America's heritage that belongs to all the people
of our land? It is because a handful of Montana cattle ranchers who graze
their cattle on public lands, National Forest Service land just outside Yellow-
stone National Park, view the buffalo as a competitor and a pest who might
spread disease to their cattle.

Many calves have been orphaned this winter and they can be seen wandering
beside the roads outside the park, looking for food, looking for their mothers
who have been killed to protect the cattle ranchers' profits. One calf that was
orphaned when the Montana Department of Livestock sent it's mother to
slaughter died recently. This calf struggled for weeks, wandering along
highway 191, separated from the herd. Other buffalo calves faced the same
situation this winter. The Department of Livestock's hazing operations to chase
the buffalo back into Yellowstone Park also caused the deaths of two pregnant
females last week who were injured and separated from the herd.

So far this winter 94 buffalo have been slaughtered by the state of Montana.
The month of May might well see many more buffalo killed because the cattle
are brought back to the area to graze in June, and Montana DOL agents
increase their efforts to eliminate the buffalo before this happens.

If you have not done so already, go to this webpage and sign a petition which
will be sent to the chief of the National Forest Service, the Secretary of the
Interior and President Clinton. It will be sent within the next few days, so
please, do it now.

Save the Buffalo National Petition, '99 

To learn more about the buffalo slaughter, visit the webpage of Buffalo Field
Campaign, an activist group who is trying to stop this stupidity....

Welcome from Buffalo Nations 

If you have the time and desire, write a letter to President Clinton or Vice
President Gore (he is supposed to be concerned about the environment).

President Bill Clinton or
Vice President Albert Gore
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500
or email
Clinton.... [email protected]
Gore.... [email protected] 

One other thing you can do is boycott beef.
Remember, buffalo are buried every time you eat a burger.

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