Animal Writes
5 May 1999 Issue

Coping With Killer Bees

The major differences between European bees and African killer bees are:

killer bees will chase you the length of 4 football fields.
killer bees swarm a target (a swarm can be up to 20,000 bees).
killer bees attack anything they don't like (sounds such as a lawn mower,
or barking dogs).
killer bees will continue an attack for more than an hour.

How safe is your home? The following will invite bees to build hives:

discarded tires (they build hives inside these)
turned down flower pots or cans
holes in the ground..(yes they build underground too!)
garage, storage shed, etc.

Here are some ways to make your home as safe as possible from
killer bees:

seal all cracks that are one eighth inch or wider by weather stripping around
all outside doors and windows.
cover crawl spaces with fine mesh "hardware cloth".
skirting on mobile homes should start 4 inches below ground.
check all little-used areas, e.g. storage sheds, etc.

*African killer bees like quiet, warm air...without wind or drafts.*

Check out your home and see if there is any area that would offer the
conditions these killer bees seek..if so, seal it up tight!

What to do if you suspect killer bees in your area:

do NOT swat at any bee..killer bees look just like the European honey bees.
shut off any loud noises (radio, TV, leaf blowers, etc.)
do NOT try and "shoo" them away or smoke them out.
have heavy blankets and fine-mesh netting "at the ready".

*Call a Professional!*

It's best to contact a professional now, before there is an emergency, so
you will be able to give him your address, any directions, etc. when you're
not near-panic. Not all pest control firms will handle killer bees.

If killer bees are swarming near you or your pet get both of you inside your
most airtight room. Turn on any fan full-blast, turn air conditioning to its
coldest level.

What To Do If Killer Bees Attack Your Pet!

Throw fine-mesh netting over yourself before you race to your pet's rescue.
Throw heavy blanket over your pet and drag him inside to the coldest place
in the house.
Turn on your air-conditioner full-blast (cold makes killer bees lethargic).

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