Animal Writes
26 May 1999 Issue

Is this soft drink giant lying to its consumers?! We document that they are!

1 "You can be certain that as a company we would never condone animal
cruelty." (Pepsi letter sent to complaining customers)
Truth: Pepsi condones not only bullfighting, but also the abuse of small heifers
by tourists, horse tripping, cockfighting, and pig wrestling. All of these abuses
were documented by the SHARK undercover team during its 1998 investigation
of Mexican bullrings.

2 "Pepsi-Cola does not contribute funding nor do we sponsor bullfighting
events." (Pepsi letter sent to complaining customers)
Truth: Advertisements in bullrings, and the pouring rights to sell Pepsi products
at bullrings do not come for free. Pepsi does indeed contribute funding with its
ads, and for permission from the killers to make blood money during the

3 "Meaningful change might best occur if you write directly to those who
organize this sport." Pepsi told this to SHARK
Truth: Pepsi is trying to send its righteously outraged customers to the very
people who make their living off bullfights. This will accomplish nothing, and
Pepsi knows it. This is merely a technique to get you off Pepsi's corporate
back, so it can continue undisturbed to reap its deathly profits. Additionally,
use of the phrase "meaningful change" suggests that Pepsi acknowledges that
bullfighting should cease.

4 "While schools, arenas playgrounds and stadiums may carry Pepsi signage
because our soft drinks are sold there, we don't control what goes on there."
Pepsi told this to SHARK
Truth: "Plaza De Toros" is Spanish for "Plaza of the Bulls." That is a bullring.
A bullring exists for the torture and killing of bulls. These are facilities specially
designed for the handling of the live bulls, their torture and slaughter, and
butchering. They are not "multi-use" facilities. Any organization advertising or
courting the rights to sell its products in a bullring knows that there will be
animal abuse there.

5 "The Pepsi ads in bullrings are put up by independent franchise bottlers,
and Pepsi has no control over what independent bottlers do." Pepsi told this
Truth: As similarly independent bottlers of Pepsi products have confided to
SHARK, Pepsi has immense power over its franchise bottlers. Pepsi has
control over its name and ingredients. No one can sell Pepsi products without
Pepsi's permission. Not even in other countries!

6 "Coke has signs in at least twice as many (bull)rings as we do." Pepsi told
this to SHARK
Truth: When SHARK requested that Pepsi document which bullrings have
competitors' advertisements in bullrings, or which bullrings those ads were in,
Pepsi declined. SHARK's bullfighting investigation yielded no other prominent
presence of another U.S. soft drink producer, or any other soft drink producer
that we could identify from anywhere around the world.

7 "These banners (at bullrings) remain place for all activities held at these
venues, including sporting events and local festivals." Pepsi told this to SHARK
Truth: When we asked Pepsi to inform us of other "sporting events and local
festivals" were held in bullrings, Pepsi declined to provide specific examples.
The other events SHARK documented at bullrings included a variety of animal
abuse such as horse tripping, pig wrestling, and cockfights; all supported by
Pepsi via their advertising presence.

8 "Although some arenas in Mexico may carry Pepsi signage because our
soft drinks are sold there, this should not be construed as an endorsement of
bullfighting." Pepsi told this to SHARK
Truth: Ads constitute support of an event, and Pepsi controls its own advert-
ising. Interestingly, Pepsi doesn't even have the nerve to announce their official
support of bullfighting-- despite that they don't mind exploiting the events for
their own profit. If they can't announce their support, they should not be
supporting it.

9 "Many thanks for allowing us to investigate this situation." Pepsi told this to
Truth: Pepsi never needed SHARK to learn about its intimate involvement in
bullfighting. It knows exactly what it is doing. In fact, Pepsi has been advert-
ising at bullrings for decades. The 1953 movie, "Sombrero," starring Ricardo
Montalban, included a bullfight scene. Even in that 1953 bullring was an ad for
Pepsi. The truth is, Pepsi has had a long relationship with the bullfighting
industry, as Pepsi has reaped millions of dollars at the cost of tens of
thousands of animals' lives, tortured to death.

10 "Other animal groups do not support SHARK's campaign against Pepsi's
involvement with bullfighting." Pepsi told this to SHARK
Truth: includes a list of animal advocacy groups from
around the world that oppose Pepsi's, or any other corporate support and
sponsorship, of bullfighting. No legitimate animal advocacy organization
supports the cruelty of bullfighting. Pepsi insults the intelligence and
compassion of caring people when they suggest that animal groups support
their involvement in bloody bullfights.

Please call Pepsi today. 800 433-2652

Pepsi DeathLine 630 262-9913


Is your group on the list which oppose bullfighting? If not, why?

Source Sue Schumacher/SHARK
Email: [email protected]

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