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11 July 1999 Issue

Tricked: How Ignorant Are Meat-eaters?
By Jamie Won, Ontario, Canada, [email protected]

Something happened this afternoon. I was over at a friend's house, and we were both starving for some hearty lunch. A bowl of hearty soup, thick with potatoes, carrots, beans, mmmm...

I was conscious if there was any animal broth, and my friend and her mum
assured me that there was no broth. One thing that made me unsure, the
yellowy colour of the oils in the soup, and their incompetent sounding reply when answering, "no" to having broth, as if they didn't know what broth was. After I took a few spoonfuls, I found a piece of chicken in it, and I immediately became sick to my stomach. I was very disappointed, and I sternly asked my friend:

"Did I not tell you I was a vegetarian?? Why is there chicken in my soup?"

My friend told me that her mother probably picked up the chicken she was trying to avoid when serving me the soup, but all I could say again was:

"Do you even understand the meaning of vegetarian? I don't think eating chicken is part of being a vegetarian."

First of all I'm Vegan, but what I had wasn't even Vegetarian. It had animal broth. How ignorant are these meat-eaters? What do you think a
chicken is? Not an animal? A vegetable? Some edible non-living object like a piece of candy?

Geez.... Well, I did get an apology, but that's not what made me feel better. What did was actually telling her a thing or two, something she didn't know about how much the animals suffer to have their wing or ribs served on a plate for humans. Did you just read that.. for humans? Nah.. this is inhumane. Well, she will still keep her omnivore ways, but at least I HOPE she won't be so ignorant, but more conscious next time when hosting a vegetarian. I'm still trying to get over it. With a bottle of spring water to flush myself out.

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