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14 July 1999 Issue

Whales and Dolphins Decreasing
By [email protected] - Guest Opinion

There has been a major whale and dolphin decrease in the past hundred years.

Humans have caused this decrease. Once the ocean was FULL of these
creatures, and now they are beginning to get empty. Right whales and other
highly hunted whales used to be common. Now there are only around 50 of them.

Beluga whales were once in the millions. Now they have decreased so greatly they're on the endangered species list. Millions to thousands of dolphins are trapped in tuna company nets, and are drowned every year. River dolphins are almost extinct from human population and pollution. The question is, do these majestic creatures stand a chance?

One thing that is lowering the great whale population is the Japanese whaling. The Japanese now have begun whaling AGAIN on endangered species. What's more they are whaling in whale sanctuaries, where whales are supposed to be SAFE! The starting of this was when they sent out a whaling ship capable of killing 500 whales per mission. That's a lot compared to the few left!

Have you heard how they capture whales? Well there was one sad case people surrounded pods of whales and chased the whales into nets. The people literally tried to target the babies, and the mothers, terrified, jumped between the nets and the humans. The people then captured the mothers as the whales mourned and the babies really cried for their mothers! Out of around 20 whales in that pod there is only one survivor from that capture who is at Sea World, San Diego.

Sadly all the rest drowned from panic, and the survivors from the capture died in captivity.

Read about the one whale left at: Lolita's Page:

Do you want to help save the whales and dolphins? Then visit the sites below to learn how:
E-The People: Petition - Free Lolita the orca at Miami Seaquarium

Help the Dolphins from SLAUGHTER

Born Free Foundation's Orca project studying wild orca and campaigning against captive Killer Whales


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