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25 July 1999 Issue

Two Prisoners - Two Major Campaigns!
By Michelle Rivera, [email protected]

Free Lolita!

The Miami Seaquarium has Lolita, an Orca whale that has been in their captivity for 27 years. She was captured the waters off Puget Sound, and the State of Washington has been asking for her return. There is a massive campaign underway in Miami and throughout Florida and Washington to get Lolita out of her cement prison and back home where she belongs.

Scientists recorded sounds from her pod, her family, who still lives in the area of Puget Sound. They then played these "voices" from the past for Lolita. Her reaction was astounding. You can learn more about efforts to free Lolita by e-mailing [email protected]

No Life for a Silverback

Bob Barker isn't the only one trying to get King, a silverback gorilla, out of Monkey Jungle and into a more hospitable environment. Animal rights activists from South Florida have been keeping up the pressure to rescue this noble animal. King is a 28 year old lowland gorilla who is living in a concrete-and-bars, bunker-type cage in Miami's shameful roadside zoo, Monkey Jungle. King has existed in this deplorable condition for seventeen years. How ironic it is that world renowned organizations such as PeTA and the Jane Goodall Foundation work hard to protect endangered species in the wild, while right here in our own back yard a magnificent silverback languishes in loneliness in a dingy, small cage.

Animal rights organizations have joined forces with noted celebrity Bob Barker to spearhead an effort to have King moved to the Atlanta Zoo. Letters are urgently needed to Monkey Jungle, 14805 Southwest 216th St., Miami, FL 33170. Or e-mail [email protected] for more information on King and the efforts to rescue him.

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