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5 September 1999 Issue

Yoplait and Other Modern Trash Hazards to Animals
by [email protected]

Each day thousands of animals, domestic and wild perish unnecessarily. Animals, natural hunters and scavengers are not prepared to forage for food in our modern environment. These animals are the innocent victims of our trash and its careless disposal. Some of the possible problems can easily be amended with caution if we are aware.

One of our main concerns today is the plastic yogurt containers made by Yoplait. They are easily lodged on a cats head as they lick the contents. The shape of the Yoplait container makes it almost impossible for the cat or small animal to remove. The plastic forms a vacuum as the animal inhales. This secures the container tight to the head. It then cuts off the air and the frightened animal will be asphyxiated. This may be prevented by cutting the plastic containers. "As of today, Yoplait refuses to change their products shape.

Objects such as the plastic rings on a six pack can get around the neck of a water bird or a small animal, causing them to choke to death. Lids and metal rings off of pop cans and jars can lodge in throats, get caught in teeth, slice paws, tongues and mouths of almost all animals. Deadly infections can then occur. Small objects of all kinds are almost always a choking risk.

Cans also pose a threat. A hungry animal will force its mouth and snout into the can retrieving the remaining food. Sometimes the can becomes stuck on the animals' head. Now it is helpless and will fall prey to another animal or starvation. Please make sure all of your cans are flattened before placing in trash

Animals will consume things that are uneatable. A plastic bag or piece of saran wrap can be very tasty if food particles remain. (Cats are especially vulnerable to this sort of snacking. Cats have a barbed tongue, once they begin to swallow something they must continue or choke .) Once swallowed these objects can block the digestive system and death results.

Almost all of our chemicals are deadly. They should be disposed in an environmentally safe fashion. They should always be placed in containers or cans that are impossible for animals to access and the lids must be secured.

It just takes a few minutes of extra work to make sure your trash is animal friendly. Remember nature made this earth our home. Lets keep it safe for all of us. Please help to protect the starving cats and dogs from this manmade danger.

Today please write or call Yoplait. Explain to them your concerns. Ask them to change the shape of their yogurt containers. Tell them you will boycott their product until they make their containers "animal friendly."

You may access Yoplait at:
AOL subscribers may use this following link:
eneral Mills yogurt: products and health benefits.

Yoplait may also be reached by calling 1 800 328 1144 or writing:

General Mills Inc.
PO Box 1113
Minneapolis MN. 55440

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