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19 September 1999

By O Vegan [email protected]

In my heart, there is a different life for you. Wild and free and true, instead of cold and bright and clinical, like the one you were bred for. Perhaps you would have a name in my imagined world, if wild rabbits care for such things. Yes, a name, instead of a number. In my world, you would have *value*, value far beyond the "science" of invading (hurting) you with a ventilator that will never be used to heal rabbits. There would be alternatives, for in this other world, the idea of using a sentient being as a teaching aide, of ravaging healthy lungs beyond repair and then throwing innocent, broken bodies into the trash like medical garbage . . . Well, it would be unthinkable. In my world, the schools, hospitals and clinics dedicated to healing and easing animal suffering would do just that, instead of marketing their charges for a profit, to companies who use them and discard them like pieces of machinery.

But you were born in this world, and so you never really had a chance to live. I hope that somehow you know that, to one person who was there the day you were drugged and paralyzed, your lungs ruined with saline fluid and hooked up to machinery . . . to the one who touched you with loving hands when no one was looking, and silently begged for your forgiveness and raged that he could do nothing to save you . . . and to the others who will hear your tale -- you mattered. You were cared for, and we will not forget you.

~In memory of the millions of animals who suffer and die needlessly in laboratories, universities and hospitals every year . . .

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