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1 December 1999 Issue

Hunger Strike
Marr Nealon, email: [email protected]

I am writing to ask you to join a campaign led by Robert Cohen, the "Not Milkman"!! He is a close friend & a very dedicated & passionate leader in the movement to expose the dangers of consuming dairy products. I have heard him speak MANY times & he never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of facts & statistics, and most of all, his drive to reveal the truth. Read many startling facts & subscribe to weekly anti-dairy updates on his website:

He is so incensed about BGH being injected into milk, that on Nov. 7th he started a juice fast in protest, and will stay on it til the FDA bans it! He has filed suit against the FDA & is determined to see this thru to victory! Please show your support by joining in for at least a day. Sign up on his website. People all over the world are doing so! I myself am fasting all this week.

Having done approx. 250 days (collectively) of Juice Fasting in the past 2 years, I do want to stress that if you want to go longer than a few days or a week, it is critical to be supervised. Please do NOT do water fasting on your own unless it is very short duration & you have time to REST. With a Juice Fast, you can continue with your life & in fact, will have FAR more energy. My fasting coach is a holistic MD who has seen people thru fasts for 22 years now, Dr Rainbow Casey. She coaches people by phone all over the country, & is a very spiritual & wise person! Note that I do not get a percentage of her fee! I just know that every fast is different for every person & that when you start detoxing it can get scary unless you have someone to guide you thru it. BUT! I HIGHLY encourage it! I am happiest when fasting! It is a glorious gift to your body & your soul! :-) Even one day a week is wonderful & glorious!

There is a good article about fasting on
I also recommend Steve Meyerowitz's book, Juice Fasting. Read a lot about Juice Fasting on Dr Casey's website:
email her at: [email protected] or 818-788-5835

You can reach Robert Cohen at 201-871-5871. Please pass this on to like-minded friends! STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!! JOIN US!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Veganly Yours,

Ms. Marr Nealon, President, VOICE FOR A VIABLE FUTURE
a 501c.3 non-profit organization educating the public on the health, environmental
& ethical benefits of an organic, plant-based diet.
Founded by HOWARD LYMAN, ex-cattle rancher turned vegan, author of:
MAD COWBOY: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat
11288 Ventura Blvd., #202A, Studio City, CA 91604
Phone: 818-509-1255 Fax: 818-761-7283

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