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9 December 1999 Issue

By [email protected]

Emails needed by Sept.14th 1999!!

Subject: Missouri Mills - Letters to Governor solicited

There are, to put it mildly, lots of puppy mills in the state of Missouri and surrounding states, as well as a tremendous conflict of interest in the way puppy mills are inspected in Missouri. Reference sites on this problem can be found at:

(information on the history of two Missouri puppy millers, G. A. Salmon and Tom Hawley, who now work for the state of Missouri as...puppy mill inspectors! Salmon is head of the department that inspects commercial kennels and Hawley is the inspector for District 6)
...and at:

(Mrs. G. A. Salmon's website).

Please review these websites ...and read the other statistical information presented in the enclosed post ...and then take this opportunity to make your feelings clearly known to Governor Carnahan of Missouri.

In addition to saying what you feel, you might also want to quote a few of the statistics that irritate you the most ... and also ask Governor Carnahan to read carefully the information found at


Posts for the governor should be sent to LaVerne Clark.
E-mail to: [email protected] as quickly as possible. She needs them by September 14th. As requested below, please say what you think ...but please keep your letters polite. You are most welcome to forward this entire post wherever you wish ...throughout the United States and around the world. Thank you very, very much.

Subject: Missouri Mills - Letters to Governor solicited.
Enclosed is a very important forwarded letter - it is also very important that we do take the time to write to LaVerne who will be forwarding all our emails to the Governor of Missouri. The timing on this is very interesting, as the first Puppymill hearings were heard two weeks ago by the Oklahoma Senators and now the Governor of Missouri is being involved. The next Senatorial hearing in Oklahoma is this Wednesday the 1st of September 99 in OK City. Wouldn't it be terrific if these adjacent states FINALLY started to sit up and take note of the atrocities going on under the name of commercial kennels right under their noses. This might be one of our best chances to make our feelings known (from around the world and in no uncertain terms). Please keep your letters polite, but to the point. We don't want the Governor to think we are a bunch of crazies! VK

From: "Gail Lawson Clemons" Ok... a job for everyone here.
Date: Saturday, August 28, 1999 9:04 PM
Subject: Stamping out puppymills--please voice your opinion!!
A friend (LaVerne Clark) who does Mastiff rescue here in MO sent this to me. Even though so few of you are in Missouri, since "our" puppies are spread far and wide (even internationally) it impacts ALL of us. Please send a response to LaVerne at the address at the end and she will forward all of them to the person she knows in Jefferson City (Missouri's capital.) She didn't want to post the woman's email address on the Internet without permission. THANKS!!

LaVerne writes:
I've just heard from a friend (whose friend is an Admin. Asst. for one of the MO state representatives) -- the Admin. Asst. is collecting information about MO puppymills, and is planning to pass the info on to "interested parties" in Jefferson City. When I get the OK from her, I'll give you her e-mail address. I'd appreciate it if you would pass the info out to anyone/everyone you know who would be willing to write a letter to Governor Carnahan about MO's puppymills, dog auctions, the appointment of puppymillers to the Animal Care Facilities department, possibly mention a tourism boycott to MO until the situation is "cleaned up", etc.

She wants letters from all over the world -- not just from Missouri, or the United States! She NEEDS the e-mails by Sept. 14. You could mention this to your contacts, so they can send the messages to me ([email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>), and I will forward to Jeff City. For additional info, go to -- the info about G.A. Salmon (head of ACFA) and Tom Hawley (Dist. #6 ACFA inspector) is there. Salmon and Hawley still have "commercial kennels" and are licensed with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Missouri Dept. of Agriculture. Is there a "conflict of interest"?

Joyce Salmon's (G.A. Salmon's wife) website is: . Missouri has the most-licensed "commercial breeders" in the country -- 1101 licensed with Missouri. Dept. of Ag. as of 2/10/99. There were 1,902 total licensees as of 2/10/99 -- the number includes 77 "dealers" (plus boarding kennels, pet shops, hobby/show licensed/registered, shelters, pounds, etc. There are 8 state inspectors to inspect these 1,900 facilities. Please pass this info on to interested parties.
La Verne Clark [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

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