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From 29 December 1999 Issue

Resolutions From the Staff of Animal Rights Online

from Michelle, ARO staff

I plan to read, study, research more on animal behavior and zoology so that when I argue for animal rights, I can do so with conviction and determination. I plan to learn theory and scientific fact, not simply repeat that which I read in animal-rights centered literature.
from Stacy, ARO staff

My resolution is to disregard any concern for hurting people's feelings or offending anyone, and speaking my mind about animals and the atrocities committed against them whenever I have the chance! If there's a seed to be planted, I would like to be the one digging the dirt.
from Bill, ARO staff

Educating and getting more people to use Cruelty Free Products and Cruelty Free Health Charities. Also upgrading my backyard habitat with another bat and bird house.
from Kim, ARO staff

This year I want to disclose to the general public that not all animal shelters are no-kill. Some of the most popular shelters are in fact euthanizing their animals, but not telling their supporters. I plan on teaching the public that there is a difference between a kill shelter and a shelter with the no-kill status. I want to educate people about the benefits of spaying and neutering, and helping to support shelters that spay/neuter their animals for adoption. With less breeding, less animals will be homeless. With the help of others who feel as I do, I know that we can make this year better for animals.
from Chris, ARO staff

I have several resolutions, but the main one for me is to boycott anything and everything made in China. There is a human perspective to this, as I am whole-heartedly opposed to China's occupation of Tibet, and their crimes against the Tibetan people.

Of course, I also intend to write letters to the proper authorities in China, explaining my intent, since it does no good (politically) to boycott a company/country/etc., if they don't know you're doing it!
from Katie, ARO staff

Well, aside from what my sister has already said (about Tibet and China), I plan to start adapting more raw foods into my diet and eventually eat a mainly raw foods diet. Less packaging, less damaging to the environment, less damaging to the critters who live in the wild. :)
from Sher, ARO staff

I am going to try and educate people about animal rights and help spay and neuter pets in the community as much as possible. I want to teach others about the importance of a nonviolent diet.
Of course I will never stop rescuing and helping the creatures that cross my path. I want not a day to go by where I don't give every one of my animals the love and attention they need and long for.
from Linda, ARO staff

I will continue to maintain a vegetarian/vegan diet. I intend to keep encouraging others to do the same, for the welfare of the animals and for their personal health. I will also help pursue more stringent laws for animal abuse and neglect. I will continue to help all animals that I see in need in my area, wild and domestic alike. I will be sending donations to animal groups.
from Carol, ARO staff

To go back inside the barns and slaughter houses in a certain geographical area where a certain species is predominantly killed. Continue to use my camera, document as much as possible, and try to continue to gain access to all parts of the "industry" from the birth of the animals through the killing process. Remember to be tough, ignore the screams of the humans and the animals, and try not to throw up from the smell. Remember that being emotional in slaughterhouses will not help me or the animals, and that although there are times I can save individual animals, there will be many times I cannot. Try in any way possible, from silent prayers to giving sips of water in the hot weather, to comfort individual animals or relieve some of their pain, even though they may end up slaughtered.
from Cory, ARO staff

My resolution for the new century is to continue to foster my sense of humor, flexibility and patience in order to maintain my non-confrontational attitude regarding others' curiosity about my veganism and animal rights stance. I want them to feel comfortable enough to approach me for discussion and dialogue. While some people expect me to have an educated opinion on every AR topic, I plan to read as much as I can about things that interest **me**, especially the history of veganism, and how it pertains to religion, Christianity in particular.
from Greg, ARO staff

I resolve to write more letters to companies and to my elected officials. And I will continue to urge the readers of Animal Writes to do the same. If you know your Zip code, you can find them at or you can search by state at:
You can also find your representatives at:

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