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From 9 January 2000 Issue

Action Alerts
by [email protected]

We recently received a request to design an "Action Alert" about regarding their decision to sell a bear skin rug in one of their auctions. This is not the first time we have received complaints about As a matter of fact, it was only a short time ago when we ran an "Action Alert" urging readers to write the site in order to express their disgust at Amazon's decision to promote materials that encourage bestiality.

When presented with complaints like the Amazon bear skin rug, it becomes a struggle for the writers and editors of Animal Rights Online to decide which issues to grant attention. While our hearts reach out to each and every animal on this planet, the available space in our newsletters is limited and it becomes imperative that we publish the issues that accomplish the most good for the most animals.

While our overall goal at Animal Rights Online is to encourage compassion for all of Earth's creatures and to educate subscribers about the atrocities committed against animals, it is also the responsibility of the animal rights activist to constantly seek to educate him/herself. While we would love to be able to report to you every single piece of animal related information we receive, especially when we feel it could save at least one life, this is not realistic. sells leather, auctions bear skins, sells books that promote bestiality, books for the insane Watkins diet, and the list goes on. Obviously, this company is not animal friendly. But, if we used our outlet as a means of exposing every single company that does at least one thing negative against the non-human species, we would never have the space to report those articles and "Action Alerts" that fight for those animals in laboratories, factory farms, and so on.

One of my personal goals is to ensure that I never support a company who engages in negative acts against the non-human species. In order to achieve this goal, it is imperative that I educate myself on a company before I agree to purchase their products. I cannot rely on anyone else to point these instances out to me. Had I simply visited, did a search for the particular book I wanted, and purchased it from there, I would never realize that this company is anything but animal friendly. However, if I propose to be an animal rights activist, this means that I must constantly be on guard. I must be fully aware of anything I engage in, from eating my dinner, to buying my socks and shoes. This means that I must research. I must not take a company or business at face value, but rather I must dig deeper and expose every facet of that organization before my soul is at ease and I can make my purchase with a clear conscience.

While we, at Animal Rights Online, would love nothing more than to expose every single instance of animal neglect, abuse, or sheer disregard that occurs on this planet, frankly, it is impossible. Instead, we must weigh the importance of each instance and present to our subscribers that which we feel will accomplish the most good or will have the largest impact. We are an educational resource for the animal rights activist, but you cannot stop here. You cannot read our newsletters, respond to the action alerts and feel that you are doing enough. You must be proactive in every facet of your life and most of the time, you are going to have to do this on your own. We will always be here to help you, to answer your questions, but the rest is up to you.

Best of luck!

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