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23 January 2000 Issue

Veggie Friendly Online:
The Fast Way to Shop and Get Veggie Friendly Info
Source: Scott Frizlen,[email protected] (DCAL)

It used to be that demographics and location made it difficult to maintain a vegan lifestyle. No more. With the advent of the internet, it is now possible for anyone with a P.C. anywhere to attain a vegan lifestyle.

Basically, all that you have to do is type in a subject matter where it says "search" or "go" and the computer networks will do the rest! Most companies use their name in their website which means that it is very easy to locate them.

If your browser (such as internet explorer or netscape) does not locate the company, you can go to one of many very sophisticated (and well linked) websites such as or and use their search engines to find what you're looking for.

Often, they will send you free coupons, or free samples as well. Many are set up so you do not have to give your credit card info over the net. Often they have the option of you placing your order and then mailing them a check or calling them up toll free and telling your credit card numbers over the phone. Type in the company names as all one word on your browser for best results.

Here are some great companies just a click away:

Fantastic Foods (lots of very good boxed veggie mixes such as vegan chili with mock meat and vegan sloppy joes and taco beefless mix.)

Pangea (This company has vegan chocolates and candies, faux leather belts, makeup that is not tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients, and much more! The entire catalog is vegan, so you can shop guilt free! They even have vegan donuts!))

Worthington Foods - not all vegan, but veggie with some vegan items. They will send coupons on request. They are also the parent company of natural touch and Morningstar Farms. They sent me a nice care package with coupons and recipes! Lots of meat substitutes, canned and frozen as well as mixes.

Tofutti (vegan "ice cream", frozen pizza with dairy free cheese, even vegan "ice cream" sandwiches)

Goldmine Natural Foods (-all kinds of vegan natural items, often macrobiotic.)

Aesop Inc. (Faux leather goods and more)

Food not Bombs (providing free, hot vegan meals and political support to low income people in North America and Europe.)

Food From The Hood (a group of bright young African American students at Crenshaw High School in South Central Los Angeles turned an ugly urban abandoned lot into an organic farm to grow produce! They have vegan salad dressing. Proceeds go to setting up college money for these well deserving students. It's a great organization to support!)

Vegan Outreach (their pamphlet,"Why Vegan" has made oodles of people around the world make the switch) Contact them!

Vegetarian Resource Group (You can't beat these guys for info and books -- especially on travel. I bought several veg-friendly travel guides from them.) Lots of Jewish vegetarian resources as well.

Toronto Vegetarian Society (You may not live in the great city, but wait until you check out their multi-cultural cookbook and guide to Toronto. It's a mini European vacation.)

Vegan Action (lots of great stuff for the vegan activist including a t-shirt that has the McDonald's golden arches sign embossed with "Mcvegan-billions and billions saved" They also have a t-shirt that's a parody of the "Got milk?" logo which says "Soy milk?" Reggie McVeggie is their mascot.)

Mail Order Catalog (Extensive vegan cookbooks and vegan food items -- they have EVERYTHING! All kinds of meat substitutes and bulk items that are hard to find anywhere else. You must have this catalogue!)

Animal Writes (-the animal rights online newsletter with lots of great vegan advice and recipes, along with ways to help the animals. Contact [email protected] to subscribe.)

Gardenburger - Their fat free hamburger style is vegan.

Tofu and miso page

Suma foods - natural foods in Europe

Plamil Foods

Wild Oats - extensive website

Whole foods

Vegetarian shoes-non leather goods-even non-leather Doc Martens. England based

Whitewave Foods - makers of pre-made seitan, tofu, soymilk, vanilla soymilk, chocolate soymilk and even Vegan Eggless Egg Nog! Many of these products are marketed under the name of "Silk"

Lumen foods

U.S Soyfoods Directory

Mori-nu tofu

Yves Veggie cuisine - every kind of meat substitute you can imagine

Spice of Life - meatless meat products

Vita Pro

Grassroots veganism - This is Joanne Stepaniak's website. The internationally acclaimed author offers a lot of information and education here. You can also purchase some vegan classic cookbooks such as the Uncheese Cookbook which offers dairy free cheese-oriented recipes for us vegans. Her book: "The Vegan Sourcebook" is a must buy for any serious fan of the vegan lifestyle.

So as you can see, there's a lot out there. The most important thing is that you have the energy to look. Remember, with most of these companies you just have to type in the name of the company and then add .com or .net Surfing can be quite informative and less time consuming than getting in your car and hoping the store carries your product. If it is a not-for-profit place then just type in the name of the organization with .org attached.

If any readers have questions please e-mail me: [email protected] or
[email protected] Until next time...See ya! Scott

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