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26 January 2000 Issue

AIDS/HIV & Animal Research
Source: Scott Frizlen, [email protected] or [email protected]

This should end the debate forever on AIDS/HIV and...animal research. A number of years ago, the Cry Out Act Up branch in San Francisco showed up in D.C. for an animal rights protest and they were against research on animals as a cure for AIDS. They realized it was bogus research. (For those of you that doubt it, e-mail me.)

Want further evidence?

The PCRM (Physician's Committee For Responsible Medicine) lists the groups that still fund animal experiments for Hiv/AIDS research and those that don't. The groups that DON'T do animal research for HIV/AIDS research FAR OUTWEIGH those that do. Here's a list:

Those that don't fund the research:

Children's Immune Disorder
16888 Greenfield Road
Detroit, MI. 48221

Design Industries Foundation for Aids
150 W. 26th ST., Suite 602
New York, New York 10001
(212) 727-3100

Elton John AIDS Foundation
Box 52066
Atlanta, Georgia 30355

International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care
225 West Washington St.
Suite 2200
Chicago, IL. 60606-3418

Puerto Rico Community Network For Clinical Research on AIDS
One Stop Station, #30
P.O. Box 70292
San Juan,PR 00936

and the list goes on...

The only organization that I know of that still funds animal experiments is:

American Foundation for Aids Research (AMFAR)
733 Third Ave., 12th floor
New York, NY 10017

The following article is a presentation of the argument against animal experiments for AIDS research. Just lend me your ears, that's all I ask.

Aids is a disease that results from a viral infection that damages the immune system. A damaged immune system cannot protect the body from infections, etc., and these secondary illnesses result usually in death.

There are well beyond 10 strains of the AIDS virus, with different strains existing in different geographical areas. People may carry more than one strain in their bodies.

Animal experiments are neither necessary or useful in studying how AIDS affects humans. Clinical, epidemiological, and in vitro studies have already shown how the virus is transmitted in people. Because chimpanzees and humans share 99% of their genetic composition, experimenters continue to use them in Aids studies. But even when INJECTED with the AIDS virus, the chimpanzees do not develop the disease.

An increasing number of scientists are questioning the appropriateness of using endangered species, including chimpanzees, in such harmful tests. The National Academy Of Sciences' Institute of Medicine issued a report stating that they are "gravely concerned that chimpanzees have been and might be used for experiments for which the rationale is not compelling in light of the scarcity and irreplaceable nature of these animals."

Experimenters keep Aids infected chimpanzees locked in small steel and glass isolation chambers in labs, where they go insane from stress and loneliness. The stress of confinement also suppresses the chimpanzees' immune systems, making accurate AIDS studies impossible.

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