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26 January 2000 Issue

Animals In Politics
by Danielle Mulei - [email protected] (D. M.)

Bill Bradley's promotion of equal rights and opportunity for all Americans has emphasized issues such as race and healthcare. I suggest that he now broaden his scope by highlighting another relevant facet of his campaign -- his "pro-animal position." The American public's concerns over the "humaneness" of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food production, transportation, and commercial development are at an all time high. Likewise, opposition to "pro-environment" or "pro-animal" positions, on the mistaken assumption of their disregard for human well-being or their economic folly, has proportionally increased. It seems only appropriate that Mr. Bradley address voters on both sides of the political spectrum with regard to specific, prominent issues such as genetically engineered foods, the meat industry, old growth and rainforest preservation, animal neglect and abuse, endangered species, and, particularly, in the wake of Mr. Gore's heavily pressured reversal of his LD50 promotion, animal testing in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

As increasing numbers of Americans from diverse professional and personal backgrounds observe, the relation between humans' treatment of animals closely coincides with our treatment of fellow humans. Domestic, sexual, and, indeed, school-based violence is increasingly traced to unrestrained, practiced disrespect and violence toward animals. Meat industry workers' as well as animals' health and welfare are disregarded in the push for faster production. Chemical testing has been conducted so extensively as to provide us with more than enough, and most often irrelevant, information on "human" toxicity levels -- at the cost of innumerable animals. Public health information is frequently amended to correct misinformation gained from animal trials; for instance, our now mistaken views on the relationship between dietary cholesterol and cardiac health had been informed by animal trials relying on rabbits and chickens, two creatures whose habitats do not include access to or need for dairy- or poultry-based foods and therefore who simply cannot tolerate dietary cholesterol from such sources. Pet stores and laboratory testing sites alike often rely on the illegal and torturous stolen animal market for their "products," in addition to the standard inhumane, financially motivated breeding compounds. And so forth.

Animal issues are a currently unaddressed concern for the 2000 elections. American consumers and voters are questioning where their food, cosmetics, and medicine are coming from -- and why. We are also questioning the financial and ethical costs of how we as Americans clothe, feed, medicate, and transport ourselves. Human progress cannot truly assert itself as such without careful consideration of the lives it utilizes, disregards, or diminishes in its wake -- human or non-, American or non-. Mr. Bradley's dedication to eradicating civil hatred and violence from the American vernacular is an inspiring model of what the country's leadership and overall legislation could become; the addition of non-human animals and other environmental issues to his platform will satisfy all voters concerned about their health and safety -- and that of their families, their nation, and their planet -- as we head into a new millennium.

Editor's note: What better way to show Mr. Bradley how many Americans really are concerned about animals than by printing out this article, indicate that you agree with it, sign your name, and include your address on it, and putting it in an envelope addressed to him (snail mail address below). If every Animal Rights Online subscribers were to do this, he would have pile of over ______ staring him right in the face. It would give him something to think about, something he could not ignore!! Go one step further, and print out additional couple of copies and ask a family member, friend, co-worker to send one as well. What an opportunity this is to make animal rights a campaign issue!

Bill Bradley for President, Inc.
395 Pleasant Valley Way
West Orange, NJ 07052

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