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23 February Issue

$10,000 Reward For Stolen Labrador Retriever
Source: [email protected] (UNITED ANIMAL NATIONS)

My name is Dewayne Eubanks. I am a neurosurgeon, conservationist, dog lover, horseman and all -'round country boy. I was brought up to believe in caring for the animals that we own and I love my 4 year old black Lab, Rebel, like my kids. He was stolen from my home on Dec 18, 1999. I have solid information that he was taken by (or for) a nearby "buncher" who sells dogs to research facilities. I am working on proving it. For now, I am working very hard to get him back, realizing that it is extremely unlikely.

He is a 70 # male, has a tattoo on inner thigh (but it is EXTREMELY hard to see), and a HOME AGAIN MICROCHIP implanted. He is a typical black lab, with no white patch anywhere. Close inspection will reveal scattered INDIVIDUAL white hairs, especially in the neck/chest area. He had cut his left rear leg (inside "knee") about two weeks before being stolen and had two staples in place when he was taken. He has also had the right foreleg sewn up last year. He has a seizure disorder and in hot weather will have a heat stroke if not carefully watched. He carries his tail curled up over his back (like an Akita) when he is happy.

My home on County Road 464 in Jonesboro, AR. The thieves are believed to have been in an older car, dilapidated, and probably 2 men. They were seen in an old, grayish midsize car (?Ford?) working this area again a few days later. I have not found out for certain if he was sold to a puppy mill, black market trainer, or (worse case scenario) a research facility. I know that USDA regulations require labs to refuse any animal that is chipped or tattooed, but I have been told that this is routinely ignored. I know that there are only 60 inspectors for the entire country to try to enforce the Animal Welfare Act.

My goal is to post this notice on every animal Website that I can find and send it to every USDA licensed Class "A" and Class "B" animal dealer and every licensed research facility, vet school and medical school in the country. I would appreciate it if you could keep your eyes open for my friend. I will pay $3000 dollars for his safe return, no questions asked. I will pay $7000 MORE for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the thieves and others involved in the conspiracy.

If you are a research facility and have received this notice, I beg you to CAREFULLY check your animals for implanted chips (all brands) and tattoos. As a neurosurgeon, I support animal research for worthwhile purposes when the data cannot be acquired any other way and when the animals are PROPERLY PROCURED and properly cared for -- but NOT WHEN THEY ARE OUR PETS THAT HAVE BEEN STOLEN. Two months ago, I had no idea that there was such a vast network of criminal activity in this area but I have learned volumes lately about the seedy underbelly of animal procurement. I am planning a Website specifically devoted to the problem of stolen animals, making public the incredible evidence that I have uncovered in only 6 weeks as well as serving as a database for others who have had pets stolen. Please feel free to forward this to anyone or anywhere you wish. If you would like to be notified when the Website is up and going, please forward to me your e-mail address.

Thank You.
K. Dewayne Eubanks, M.D.
Jonesboro, AR
[email protected]
870-931-5511 (home), 870-931-5599 (fax)

Please pass this on to anyone you can think of who would be able to help.

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