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23 February Issue

Keep Animals Out of Florida State Fair
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The annual Florida State Fair has for years used animals in their entertainment events. Animals are forced to perform in front of humans in uncomfortable situations.

Some of the several events include:

* Bee Bearded Man -- Endangering the lives of the bees if they feel the need to sting

* BULL-ennium 2000 -- A rodeo-like event exploiting and torturing bulls, calves, and steer

* Insect Encounter -- "Petting zoo" for insects and arachnids

* Milk a Cow -- Where the inexperienced get to yank and pull at cow's udders for entertainment

* Mooternity Ward -- Pregnant cows giving birth in front of an audience

* Ugliest Chicken Contest -- Exploiting chickens in front of audiences, making light of the actual plight of chickens

* Baboon Lagoon -- "The largest group of performing primates in the world", consisting of 9 baboons and "their jungle friends"

* Wynn's Petting Zoo -- Baby and adult farm animals touched and fondled by visitors, including children who tend to be rough around animals

* Spectacular Bengal Tiger Show -- Tigers forced to dance and entertain an audience

* The Welde Bear Show -- 5 bears performing tricks for visitors

* Rosaire's Royal Racers -- Pigs forced to race against each other

...and much more...

The fair glorifies dairy farmers, keeping the truth of how animals are really treated. Based on the scheduled events, this fair teaches that animals are entertaining objects, things to laugh at.

The fair has a number of sponsors, including

-Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
-Dairy Farmers, Inc,
-Planters Peanuts
-Vicks VapoRub

Please call the Florida State Fair Authority and tell them to take the animals out of their fair, and tell them why you are upset: 1-800-345-FAIR

Also, please contact the sponsorship executive and let her know that some of her sponsors are not animal friendly:

Emily Howell
Senior Sponsorship Executive
[email protected]
(813) 627-4227
Fax: (813) 740-3505

To see the list of events in its entirety, visit their website:

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