Animal Writes
5 March 2000 Issue
A Better Mouse Trap

by [email protected] 

The snap trap. The glue trap. The electrocution trap. Poison.

These forms of mouse "control" might sound horrifying to us, but they can be found in millions of homes and businesses around the world. To the general public, mice are seen as diseased pests, not individual beings that have a right to live. Therefore, billions of deadly devices have been sold to "rid" establishments of these small creatures.

But there are other ways of ridding homes of mice. Humane ways. Ways in which no one gets hurt (not even the little guys). And ways that few people know about or have tried. But ways that should take place of the bloody, cruel traps that are so commonly found.

For homes and businesses that do not have companion animals, there are the ultrasonic "pest" deterrents, devices you plug into the wall that emit high frequency sounds that harmlessly ward off mice, as well as most insects. This trap is ideal for restaurants and grocery stores.

Placing used cat litter around the house in small open containers give off the scent of the predators. Most mice will not enter a house if a cat is present.

Better yet, adopt a cat from a no-kill shelter! You wont see a trace of a mouse with a cat around the house.

The method I use to rid my house of mice (I don't mind them, but my parents abhor them), is the most effective trap I have ever used:

Take a large bucket (Rubbermaid, trash bucket), tall enough for a mouse to be unable to climb out, but not tall enough for them to die with the fall. Cover the bottom with dobs of peanut butter and birdseed. Place two planks of wood on either side, creating ramps. Then, go to sleep for the night.

In the morning, check the trap. You should see the little "varmints" scurrying about. Cover the bucket with the lid and take the mice FAR FAR away from any homes or stores (forest, valley), and tip the bucket slightly so that they run away to freedom.

I have caught over 50 mice with this method, though not all at the same time. It is foolproof, and safe for the mice.

For more ideas on humane traps, visit the following sites: 

And remember, mice are living creatures, too.

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