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12 March 2000 Issue

Say It With Canvas
By [email protected]

Now you can express yourself on how you feel about animals and conserve resources!

A canvas tote bag makes a great "billboard." Not only are you educating people about animal rights and welfare, but you're saving paper and plastic from bagging your items.

So far, I have had several people comment to me on my bag. One woman said that she never heard of a factory farm before and wanted to know more about them. Another didn't know that there was a difference between shelters (kill and no-kill). I am proud when I go out with my bag, especially when I see people reading the slogans.

It's easy to make, and so inexpensive. All you need is a blank canvas tote, which you can buy in craft stores and fabric markers. You can also add pins, buttons, and patches, as well as drawing pictures with the markers. My bag only cost me $7.48 to make!

The slogans you write on the bag should be brief, but to the point. Some of the slogans on my bag include:

"Fur is for Cave Men"

"Compassion is the Fashion -- Don't Wear Fur"

"Don't Have a Cow -- Have a Carrot"

"Fur is Dead"

"You Have a Choice -- Don't Dissect"

"Don't Kill Bugs -- Free Them"

"Help the Homeless -- Adopt from a No-Kill Shelter"

"Fishing is Killing"

"Don't Buy Cats or Dogs -- Adopt Them"

"Factory Farms Are Cruel Farms"

"Bullfights are Cruel -- Every Bull Loses"

"Say No To Drugs -- Stop Animal Testing"

"Rodeos are No No's"

"Live Traps -- The Better Mouse Trap"

"Save a Life -- Break for Crossing Animals"

"Fur is Murder"

"Got soy?"

"Don't Breed Misery -- Spay/Neuter your Companion Animal"

"Vegetarians Save Lives Everyday"

"Extinction is Forever"

"Stop Horse and Greyhound Racing"

"Give Peas A Chance"

"Thou Shalt Not Kill -- God Meant That For Animals, Too"

"Meat Stinks"

"Vegans for Life"

"Love Animals -- Don't Eat Them"

"Fur is For the Animals"

"Hunting is Not a Sport -- It's Murder"

"Wildlife Have a Right to Life"

"Circuses Hurt Animals"

By showing others how you feel about animals without speaking a word, you will be doing so much for the animals, who themselves are unable to speak.

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