Animal Writes
15 March 2000 Issue
I Have Seen the Great Meatout Coming

by the Rev. [email protected]

I think of myself as a "Vegevanglist".

I am compelled to lead others to the light of vegetarianism. It is because I know that we must increase our numbers to have any real effect on the world. And I can't help but share the human and humane benefits of veganism with the people I meet.

I remember back to those Sunday mornings when the Jehovah's Witnesses would pay me a visit. I would stand on the porch with them and subtly turn the discussion around to "stewardship of the world God gave us" and the biblical arguments for vegetarianism. I remember how they stopped coming around anymore.

This coming Monday, March 20th, is the annual Great American Meatout, one of those few times we can all go forth and try to convert the heathen.

This is the sixteenth year for the Meatout which was created by FARM, the Farm Animals Reform Movement. It is patterned after the Great American Smokeout which makes sense, because like the tobacco industry, the meat industry is a US Government supported mega-industry which spends mega-money for media propaganda to keep people addicted to their products. The diseases related to a meat based diet cost much more annually than the treatment of tobacco related diseases.

And some of us vegans would rather smell second hand smoke in a restaurant than to smell cooked bird, mammal, aquatic creature or reptile.

So I think it's a good day to write a letter to the editor of your daily papers or email your local radio and TV stations about the Great American Meatout. Spread the word to your classmates and coworkers, urge your meat-eating friends to pledge to kick the habit for one day and eat no animals on March 20th.

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Meatout 2000 - Kick the meat habit! 

Here is what I emailed to my media, you can use parts of this or go for the health arguments or even try the compassion arguments if you feel up to it.

Dear ___

Monday, March 20th is the 16th annual Great American Meatout. Please take a day off from meat and think about how much better off you and your family would be if you ate mostly a plant based diet. Think about not only the health reasons, but also the environmental reasons.

*A vegetarian diet saves water:

*Fifty percent of all water used in our country goes to produce livestock, from the meat processing to the water used to grow animal feed. Seventy percent of all grain and soybeans grown in our country is fed to livestock. Our future water shortages would be much reduced by less reliance on a meat-based diet.

*Loss of habitat, wild lands converted to lands to pasture cattle, or grow feed for them, is a main cause of extinction of species. For these reasons alone, anyone concerned about environmental quality should think about a vegetarian diet and kick the meat habit for at least a day on March 20th.


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