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19 March 2000 Issue

Say it with Love
By [email protected]

Imagine sitting in a crowded room. Suddenly someone says how great their love life has been with their spouse. They go on to say that it keeps getting better and better. Do you think that others would want to know what their secret is? What if the person went on to say that ever since their spouse gave up eating meat (s)he has been looking and feeling great. It is my belief that every person listening in that room would start considering vegetarianism. Now imagine that the same person is sitting in a room and starts talking about how people who eat meat are a bunch of murderers. Do you think that anyone in that same room would listen? Or would they just tune out the conversation?

It is my belief that people can't make the jump from eating meat to believing it is murder in a moment's time. Personally I started with becoming a vegetarian which led to my becoming a vegan. It wasn't until I stopped wearing and using animals' skins and by-products that the horror of it all hit me. The human mind is an amazing thing. I believe it sometimes protects us from ourselves. It makes perfect sense that you would come to the realization of meat equaling murder after you have stopped eating it yourself. The trauma you would experience otherwise could be crippling.

It is with these thoughts and knowledge that I started my own company called vegi-wares. It can be found on the Internet @ It is my hope that vegetarians will go a little easier on the meat eating community. With love they will teach and inspire. With anger they will shut out and alienate. The messages we convey on our T-shirts are very simple. They are seeds that we are planting in others' minds. Seeds of change that we believe will lead to vegetarianism. Join us in our peaceful quest to inform the world of the beauty of vegetarianism.

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