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19 March 2000 Issue

WWAIL World Week for Animal In Laboratories
Rick Bogle, [email protected]

In Defense of Animals is organizing for World Week for Animals in Laboratories 2000 and working with activists around the world to make this year's events more productive than ever.

WWAIL is truly global with actions and activities taking place in countries around the world. If you have friends with groups or organizations inside or outside the U.S. please invite them to participate.

Here in the United States, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is currently undergoing the largest expansion in its history; this bodes ill for the animals who will be used in NIH funded laboratories across the nation and throughout the world.

NIH pays researchers in Canada to dose piglets with cocaine. It pays scientists in Sweden to sever the spinal cords of rats and investigators in Israel to implant human tumors into rats. NIH funds French researchers to induce cancer in mice. NIH hires scientists in Australia to infect monkeys with HIV, Chinese researchers to infect dogs with hookworms, and investigators in New Zealand to damage the umbilical cords of lambs. In England, NIH is paying people to examine rat brains.

U.S. law is failing miserably to protect animals in U.S. laboratories, so it has no hope of protecting animals in foreign laboratories even if federal dollars are breeding, buying and feeding the animals in those labs.

In Defense of Animals (IDA) urges you to become involved and make this a year the vivisection industry is called to task across the globe. We hope you will brainstorm with us as we prepare and plan. Vivisectors in Great Britain, Japan, Israel, and everywhere need to look up and know that in front of every lab door people with good hearts and resolute determination are demanding an end to the cruelties and waste of health care monies.

If you are looking for issues to highlight during your events, consider promoting three goals that we believe are worthy of your support during this year's WWAIL activities.

1. Support of the Greenwood Bill, H.R. 3514 through letter writing and phone lobbying. The Greenwood Bill would establish a permanent retirement sanctuary for "surplus" chimpanzees in the U.S.

2. An immediate ban on all invasive or otherwise harmful experimentation on chimpanzees.

3. A 5% reallocation of the funds currently being spent on animal-based research to non-animal-based research per year, until a 50% reallocation is achieved. Then, an evaluation of the impact of this reallocation and a determination of whether the reallocations should continue.

These three modest goals are attainable. They reflect current scientific knowledge and the growing public understanding and acceptance of other animals as our neighbors deserving of our respect. We hope you will join us in promoting these goals during the week of April 23 and will urge your friends to become involved as well.

No matter what your focus might be this year: dogs labs, primate vivisection, Xenotransplantation, genetic engineering, or any of the host of problems deserving attention, IDA has the capability to help publicize the events and efforts you plan for World Week. We have thousands of media outlets in our fax database and a strong desire to promote a resolute message of compassion, rational science, and public involvement. Check out the available resources at the WWAIL website:


World Week will span two full weekends and stretch from April 22 through April 30; this will encompass Easter and Earth Day on Saturday the 22nd.

For more information contact:

Rick Bogle
[email protected]
(415) 388 9641 x19
131 Camino Alto, Suite E
Mill Valley, CA 94941

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