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29 March 2000 Issue
The Animals' Agenda

The Animals' Agenda is a bimonthly news magazine dedicated to informing people about animal rights and cruelty-free living for the purpose of inspiring action for animals. The Animals' Agenda is committed to serving -- and fostering cooperation among -- a combined audience of animal advocates, interested individuals, and the entire animal rights movement. The Animals' Agenda is published by The Animal Rights Network Inc., an IRS 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization founded in 1979.

Movement Unity and Professionalism

The Animals' Agenda encourages individuals to act for animals at the level which is most effective for them and to support those organizations, and their programs and activities, which they believe to be the most effective for advancing animal rights. The Animals' Agenda is committed to fostering cooperation among individuals and organizations in the animal rights movement by seeking to represent as wide a spectrum as possible of animal rights perspectives without resorting to gratuitous criticism of individuals or organizations. Accordingly, The Animals' Agenda will not accept ads from individuals, organizations, or any other entities which are critical of another.

Cruelty-Free Living

The Animals' Agenda does not want to support the use of products which derive from animals or products which reinforce the use of materials from animals. The Animals' Agenda realizes, however, that as increasing numbers of companies take the "cruelty-free" pledge, the process of producing consumer products free from animal exploitation and animal ingredients continues to develop rapidly. The policy, therefore, regarding product purity must be practical. The Animals' Agenda is a major medium for those manufacturers who wish to sell to consumers who care about animals. The Animals' Agenda plays an important role in encouraging these new companies and established businesses toward vegan (totally animal-free) manufacturing goals. Accordingly, The Animals' Agenda may accept advertising from manufacturers who are making good faith, well-paced efforts toward these goals. The Animals' Agenda will assess these efforts based on the manufacturer's responses to criticisms and suggestions put forth by animal advocates and the magazine's readers. The Animals' Agenda declines to advertise products that obviously reinforce or derive from cruelty and exploitation; i.e., we will not accept advertising for any product containing meat or slaughterhouse by-products, nor ads that directly or indirectly promote dairy or egg products. Vegetarian products that contain minute portions of these derivatives, but offer unique alternatives to animal-based products, will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.


* Educate about the human-animal relationship

* Promote an end to the exploitation and suffering of animals, while respecting human interests

* Promote a vegetarian or vegan cruelty-free lifestyle to benefit humans and animals

* Encourage activism at any level of effort

* Foster cooperation in the animal advocacy movement and offer the widest range of perspectives

* Promote products, services, and methods that benefit animals

OUR READERS . . . are progressive individuals who care deeply about animals and the environment. They are business professionals, mostly women, who do much of their shopping for food and personal care items in health food stores. Because of concerns for animals, our readers seek vegetarian and vegan food products, apparel, and personal care items that do not rely on animal ingredients or testing. They are also active supporters of environmental and animal protection campaigns and organizations.

WE OWN OUR MARKET. Really? Says who?

"The Animals' Agenda is our number one source for advertising. For the past seven years, we have counted on this magazine to bring us a constant and loyal customer base."

-Greg Bracken, Owner, Wild Wear

"When the Doris Day Animal League needs to reach a broad cross-section of those concerned with animal protection, we always turn first to The Animals' Agenda. This is a publication with a loyal following that not only reads, but acts."

-Holly Hazard, Executive Director, Doris Day Animal League

"Our students use this magazine more than any other to argue for animal rights."

-Lincoln Memorial University Library


The nation's two leading animal rights magazines, The Animals' Agenda and The Animals' Voice Magazine, have combined paws and claws under the aegis of The Animals' Agenda. Now your advertising reaches even more people!

Advertising in the Animals' Agenda can help you:

* Promote campaigns for animal rights

* Sell humane products

* Attract customers/members to you business or organization

* Educate concerned persons about current issues and events (including conferences, seminars, and training)

* Enhance fundraising efforts to support your activities


The Animals' Agenda does not accept ads for products or services that promote the exploitation of animals. Products must be vegan, meaning vegetarian, but also excluding animal-derived products such as dairy, honey, and of course, fur and feather.


The Animals' Agenda provides advertisers with a readership approaching 66,000, with a circulation of 22,000 including subscriptions and newsstand sales. More than 1,000 copies go to high school, college, and public libraries.

All ads must be pre-paid. No agency discounts. A 10% discount is available for not-for-profit organizations. Frequency discounts will be given for pre-paid ads inserted in consecutive issues. Only one discount applies for each insertion.

The Animals' Agenda is published bi-monthly. Insertion orders are due seven weeks before the issue date and may not be canceled after that date, with finalized materials due one week later. Examples: Orders for March/April issue are due January 11.

All advertising is accepted subject to the editor's approval upon determination that materials are in keeping with the philosophy and standards of The Animals' Agenda.


* Vegetarians/Vegans

* College and High School

* Grassroots Organizations

* National Groups

* Caring, Interested People

* Environmentally Concerned Citizens

* Local Humane Societies


For more information:

1301 S. Baylis Street, Suite 325

P.O. Box 25881

Baltimore, MD 21224

TEL: (410) 675-4566 FAX: (410) 675-0066

E-MAIL: [email protected] 

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