Animal Writes
9 April 2000 Issue
A New Research Tool

World Week for Animals In Laboratories (WWAIL)

The veil of secrecy that shrouds the many ways animals are being harmed daily in publicly funded laboratories has been pulled back a bit by the new <> webpage.

Now, journalists, activists, legislators, and the general public are able to quickly find a sampling of the experiments being conducted on animals. The experiments are divided by species and contain occasional links to various research facilities and researcher homepages.

For individuals interested in verifying any facts or conducting their own research an easily used research guide has been provided at <>. 

A collection of advertisements for animal suppliers is available at <>. These ads provide new fuel for arguments focussing on the confused dichotomy of finding animals "cute" and disposable. The callousness contrasts sharply with the sales pitch that the animals for sale are "friendly," "easy to handle," "have excellent temperaments," or have been "extensively handled to give you the gentlest of temperaments." provides sample letters to editors (<>) and sample public service announcements (<>). 

Goals for WWAIL 2000 are proposed (<>) for individuals and groups to incorporate into their own efforts, as well as essays explaining why the goals are worthy and achievable.

Brochures, posters and various materials can be ordered online at <>. 

Links to leading anti-vivisection organizations are maintained (<>) to assist activists and foster a strong network of resources.

Events scheduled throughout the US and in other countries are listed at <>. 

Current news impacting vivisection and antivivisectionist activism is compiled at <>. 

Essays concerning various aspects of vivisection are found throughout the site. In short, has given the world of Internet users access to scenes behind the windowless walls of vivisection laboratories. It offers individuals ways to connect with others in their regions and fosters the creation of coalitions to oppose cruelty. will continue to grow and will be continuously adding new features and tools to oppose vivisection. The site is intended as a resource for everyone who has ever wondered about biomedical research on animals as well as for those who wish to see it ended.

I hope everyone will take a look. And of course, your feedback is welcome.


Rick Bogle

WWAIL 2000 Coordinator

Source: [email protected] 

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