Animal Writes
16 April 2000 Issue
Twenty-One Signs You May Be an Animal Rights Activist

By Diana Morton

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* If you recognize immense animal suffering behind most exploits of man.

* If you perceive meat-eating as a ravenously selfish, satanic ritual; wrought in cannibalism.

* If you see nothing except screaming dead animal corpses on plates instead of great smelling meat

* If you feel like a spy in the meat section of the grocery store.

* If you feel incredibly sorry for animals all of the time.

* If your heart literally aches for animals all of the time.

* If you feel like you store an animal data bank in the left side of your brain.

* If you take the side of the animal all of the time.

* If you find it difficult to distinguish between a token domestic and a factory-farmed animal.

* If you are willing to be made a laughing stock to rescue one animal.

* If you want to vomit when they start talking in code: hamburger, steak, ham, pork, hot dog, etc

* If you want to vomit when they pray sanctimoniously over tortured, butchered animal corpses and utter, "Thank you, Jesus!"

* If you can't think of any place to go because you suspect an animal may have suffered somewhere down the line.

* If people start to whisper when you are near about who they had for dinner.

* If you empathize at all times with the eternal suffering and pain of animals because of man's oppression over them.

* If you bond with people better by strategically placing animals between you.

* If you know in your heart, Earth is a big cesspool, as you try to buy the next generation some more time.

* If you strongly suspect you were an animal in your past life.

* If you know in your heart ALL animals think, feel, reason, love, and communicate in their own languages; and just can't fathom why others don't see this obvious truth.

* If you believe God honors and values the lives of all animals as much to die for as your own.

* If you understand and embrace the concept of love to be unconditional and all-inclusive.

..... yes, you may just be an animal rights activist!

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