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21 May 2000 Issue
The BooBooZoo

by Diana Moreton - [email protected] 

I woke to a lovely picture. I opened a leaflet which had been sitting on my desk collecting dust. Had I known the magic that would assault my soul, I would have broken the sacred seal long ago.

It was a picture of a fawn lying on a bed in Mama Suzie's house. My eyes followed the bedspread, and low and behold, there was a goat lying next to the fawn. There were several other sentient beings sleeping peacefully upon this bed within Mama Suzie's realm. I stretched my superior human neck a tad more across the page (this really hurt my ego), and saw a grown man kissing a puppy. I would assume this man is not a human dominionist. I bet he may even be a vegan! Do I dare ask him? Do I dare throw that dreaded GLOBAL ANSWER, which everyone is dying to share who knows, out to this messed up universe which is in a major state of collapse? With thousands of years of impenetrable ‘might makes right' philosophy floating around like sewer s---, do I dare insult billions of superior humans who are gutted and immersed in religious, cultural, and traditional Westernized world view philosophies?

I looked below the photo of this kind, strong man, exhibiting compassion (rare species) in a world of pukey indifference and fabricated rationalizations induced by selfishness. I saw Emerita embracing a bebungen tiny fawn with a receiving blanket wrapped around his vulnerable head.

I turned the brochure over ever so gently to see Sylvan again, the human compassionist (opposite of dominionist), kissing and embracing the First Injured Baby Fawn Of Spring (FIBFOS). Her name is Oso. She was cut from her mother's womb by a cruel human dominionist hunter, who was TAUGHT to hunt. Rumor has it amongst all the sentient species on this tropical island paradise, he no longer continues this cruel behavior, after he RE-LEARNED the pain and suffering he inflicted on other sentient beings that share this island. This has been known to happen in the universe, when a good life force is introduced to a moribund, decaying force. Oso thinks Sylvan and Mama Suzie may have spread some good karma into this person's soul, to help eliminate all the saturated fat and cholesterol that has overcome him from birth, by old world beliefs which don't work.

Oso shouts that because what this ignorant person did was so traumatic for her, she went blind. She says to this day, no particular dominionist group has ever come forward to claim responsibility for her mother's attack in this region of Hawaii. She excuses her eyes. They are frozen in a perpetual state of terror from the misanthropic metal bullet she felt vibrate near her, when the hunter's caliber reached her mother's heart; while still inside a warm and tender womb. As tears welled up in her pathetic, sensitive eyes, she expressed outrage and hatred by stating she never even got a chance to kiss her mother. She hates ALL hunters because of this EXPERIENCE. I empathized with her and told her I FELT the same way. She said she FELT she had this ABSOLUTE RIGHT, being a vulnerable, sentient being within her mother's Godly womb.

Reverend Kauluwehi Maxwell offered up a Hawaiian chant for a native Hawaiian short-eared owl. Being licensed wildlife rehabilitators, this beautiful pueo, who once had a shattered wing, will soar again someday over this majestic isle.

Pains shot throughout my psyche when I read that Mama Suzie, this refuge's life blood, has physically debilitating lupus. Poor Mama Suzie spent time in the hospital and we dearly miss her when she is away. We love her and Sylvan so much for the compassion they have so generously extended to us misfits. They rescued us and we call out across the peaceful ocean to all compassionate hearts on the mainland, to support The East Maui Animal Refuge, 25 Malu ‘Aina, Haiku, HI 96708 Visit our website. Won't you? You can even come to visit all of us at 25 Malu Aina Place. For an appt. call 808.572.8308

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