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4 June 2000 Issue

List of Plants Poisonous to Dogs

 Acocanthera -- Fruit and Flowers Machineel
Airplane Plant Mayapple -- All parts, except fruit
Amanita Mushroom Mescal Bean
Amaryllis -- bulbs Milk Vetch
Amsinckia/Tarweed -- Foliage, Seeds Milkweeds -- Foliage
Anemone Mistletoe Berries
Angel Trumpet Tree -- Flowers / Leaves Moccasin Flower
Apple Seeds / bark Mock orange -- Fruit
Apricot Pits & Seed Kernal Monkshood
Atropa Belladona Morning glory
Avocado Leaves Mother-In-Law's Tongue
Azalea Mountain laurel
Balsam Pear - Seeds / Outer Rind of Fruit Mushrooms (many wild forms)
Baneberry Narcissus -- Bulbs
Beach Pea Narcissus Jonquilla
Betel Nut Palm Natal Cherry
Belladonna Nicotine Bush
Bird Of Paradise -- Seeds Nightshades
Bittersweet -- Berries Oak - Acorns/Leaves (some lethal)
Black-Eyed Susan Oleander (very poisonous)
Black Locust Onion
Black walnut Peach -- Pit
Bladder Pod Pear Seeds
Bloodroot Pennyroyal -- Foliage/Flowers
Bluebonnet Peony
Bottlebrush -- Flowers Periwinkle
Boxwood Bleeding Heart Philodendron
Boxwood Tree Pikeweed
Buckthorn -- Fruit, Bark Pine Needles
Buttercup -- Sap, Bulbs Poison Hemlock
Caladium Poison Ivy
Calla Lily Poison Oak
Cardinal Flower Poison Sumac
Carolina Jessamine Pokeweed
Cassava -- Roots Pokewood/Poke cherry - Roots/Fruit
Castor Bean -- Leaves, Bean Poppy
Chalice vine / Trumpet vine Potato plant - New shoots/Eyes
Cherry Tree -- Everything Except Fruit Potato vine
Cherry Laurel Privet Shrub
Chinaberry Tree -- Berries Rattlebox
Christmas Berry -- Berries Rhododendron
Christmast Cactus -- Sap Rhubarb Plants
Christmas Candle Rosary Peas - Pods/Seeds/Flowers
Christmas Rose Russian Thistle
Christmas Tree -- Needles, Tree Water Sago Palm
Common Prive Salmonberry
Columbine Scarlet Pimpernel
Coral plant Senecio / Fiddleneck
Corn Cockle Skunk Cabbage
Crocus Bulbs Snapdragon
Croton Snowdrop
Cyclamen Spanish Bayonet
Daffodil Spider Plant
Daphne -- Berries Spinach
Datura / Jimsonweed Star Of Bethlehem
Deadly Amanita Sudan Grass
Deadly Nightshade Sundew
Death Cap Mushroom Tansy - Foliage, Flowers
Death Camas Tarweed
Deiffenbachia / Dumb Cane Thornapple
Destroying Angel / Death Cap Tiger Lily
Diffenbachia Toad flax -- Foliage
Dogwood -- Fruit Toadstools
Dragon Tree Tobacco Leaves/Plants
Dutchman's Breeches Tomato Plant - All but fruit
Eggplant -- Foliage Tomato vine
Elderberry -- Foliage Touch-Me-Not
Elephant's Ear / Taro -- Foliage Toyon Berry -- Berries
English Holly Berries Trillium -- Foliage
English Ivy Trumpet Vine
Equisetum Tulips
Euphorbia / Spurges Venus Flytrap
False Hellebore Verbena
False Henbane Virginia Creeper -- Sap
Fiddleneck / Senecio Water Hemlock
Fly Agaric / Amanita Weeping Fig
Four O'Clock Wildflower
Foxglove Wild Parsnip -- Roots, Foliage
Gelsemium Wisteria
Ghostweed / Snow On The Mountain Yellow Jessamine
Golden chain / Laburnum Yellow Star Thistle
Hemlock Yew (American/English/Japanese)
Holly Berries (English and American)
Horse chesnut
Horsetail Reed / Equisetum Hyacinth -- Bulbs
Hydrangea -- Flower Buds
Iris -- Bulb
Jack-In-The-Pulpit /Indian Turnip
Jasmine Star
Jatropha -- Seeds, Sap
Java bean -- Uncooked Bean
Jerusalem Cherry -- Berries
Jessamine -- Berries
Johnson Grass
Juniper -- Needles, Stems and Berries
Lambkill / Sheep laurel
Lords and Ladies / Cuckoopint
Lily of the Valley -- All parts of the plant, as well as vase water

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