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18 June 2000 Issue

Animal Rights 2000 Program Schedule
[email protected] (Farm Animal Reform Movement)

The $180 registration deadline has been extended to June 20. The $20 student, senior, and low-income discounts still apply.

There are three ways to register: with a credit card at, or 1-888-FARM USA, or by sending a web site registration form with payment by mail. Be sure to make hotel reservations at 1-800 HILTONS.

Friday, June 30
Registration (4-10pm)
Reception (6-10pm)
Welcome by AAVS and ACA - Holton, D. Smith
Program Preview (preview of the entire program) - Hershaft
Workshop Previews I (30-sec previews of selected next day's workshops)

Saturday, July 1
> Group Workouts (7:30-8:15am) - Shoss, Tuttle
> Breakfast (8:30)
> Exhibits and Videos (9am-6pm)
> Newcomer Orientation (9-11am) - Amundson, L. Bauston, DeRose, Goodrum, Markarian, Norris, Pacheco, Reiman, D. Smith, Wicklund
> Workshops - Remedies (9-11am)
* 9am
> Elements of Social Change (stages of social change, anatomy of campaigns, theory of persuasion) - Hershaft
* 10am
> Getting Attention (Legally) (picketing, marches, vigils, street theater, hunger strike) - R. Cohen, Friedrich, P. Shapiro
> Affinity Meetings (11am-1pm)
> Animals in Agriculture (factory farms, yards, and slaughterhouses, regulation) - G. Bauston
> Animals in Amusement (hunting, fishing, trapping, zoos, circuses, rodeos, racing, fighting, regulation) - Jones
> Animals in Medicine (use of animals in research, testing, education, training, production, regulation) - K. Shapiro
> Companion Animals (puppy mills, pounds, feral animals, regulation) - Hazard
> Grassroots Networking - Leonard
> Outreach to Children - Weil
> Outreach to Youth - Kwan
> Politics/Legislation/Litigation - Pacelle
> Workshops - Remedies (11am-1pm)
* 11am
> Getting Attention (Otherwise) (CD, overt and covert rescues, destruction of property) - Park, Vellucci, Wicklund, Yourofsky
* 12noon
> Dealing With Law Enforcement (police authority, permits, arrests, jail time, grand juries) - Bateman, Day, McCrosky, Rosebraugh

Lunch (1-2pm)

Workshops - I,O,R, 'Rap' (2-6pm)
* 2pm
> Factory Farming (raising of cattle, pigs, chickens, and turkeys in factory farms) - G. Bauston, Davis, Lyman
> Taking Charge of Your Life (goals and priorities, positive self-esteem, negative emotions, time management) - Hershaft
> Coercive Tactics (law enforcement, civil litigation, voting power, boycott, peer pressure) - Hindi, Reiman, Schlueter, Watson
> What Rights? Which Animals? (What kind of rights? For which animals? Bonobos vs mosquitoes.) - Wise
* 3pm
> Slaughterhouse Atrocities (commercial slaughter; live markets; Korean dogs) - Derby, Eisnitz, Friedlander, Kivette, E. Mills
> Winning Hearts and Minds (persuasion techniques, communicating, negotiating, presentation techniques) - Henderson, Hershaft
> Appeal to Feelings (building affinity/likeability, positioning, appeal to concerns, language & humor) - Carter-Long, Davis, Hershaft, Lyman
> When Is Killing OK? (Attacking animals? Unwanted dogs & cats? Unwanted fetuses or babies?) - Holton
* 4pm
> Slaughter in the Fields (extermination of prairie dogs, coyotes, wolves, bears, mountain lions, birds) - Hudak, Markarian, R. Smith
> Effective Communication (role-play training) - Weil
> Arguing Animal-Free Eating (health, environment, food resources, economics) - M. Fox, Hershaft, M. Mills
> How Vegan Is Enough? (what about social occasions, mates, sugar, cat food, gel caps, film, tires?) - Ball
* 5pm
> Slaughter on the Seas (commercial fishing and whaling) - Carr, Watson
> Effective Public Speaking (role-play training) - Carter-Long, Elroy, Henderson, Lyman
> Arguing Animal-Free Research (medical progress, cost reduction) - M. Cohen, R. Cohen, D. Smith, Stagno
> When Is Fun with Animals OK? (Are any kinds of zoos, wildlife shows, or animal racing OK? How about fake fur?) - Jones

Dinner (6-7pm)

> Plenary Sessions (7-10pm)
> Welcome (greetings by sponsors and contributors) - G. Bauston, Hazard, Hershaft, Katz, Markarian, Newkirk, Pacelle
> Announcements I (20 30-sec announcements of new projects)
> Workshop Previews II (30-sec previews of selected next day's workshops)
> Year of Humane Child (report on our movement's joint campaign) - Amundson, Weil
> Historic Review (history of US animal rights movement) - Stallwood
> State of Our Movement (progress and prospects in major areas of animal oppression) - G. Bauston, M. Cohen, Hazard, Markarian
> Legal Status of Animals (society's improving perspective on animal rights) - Davis, Katz, Wise

Reception (10-11pm)
Welcome by ALAN and API - Jones, McLellan
'Hundredth Monkey' Dance Perf. - Richards

Sunday, July 2
Group Workouts (7:30-8:15am) - Shoss, Tuttle
Breakfast (8:30)
Exhibits and Videos (9am-6pm)

Workshops -I,O,R,'Rap' (9am-1pm)
* 9am
> Research on Animals (research experiments on animals) - Kalechofsky, D. Smith, Stephens, Thew
> Running an Effective Group (recruiting, meetings, officers, by-laws, incorporation, community outreach) - DeMello, Henderson, Leonard, Park
> Enacting State Legislation (selecting issues, forging coalitions, dealing with legislators and committees) - Nixon, Rokke
> Vivisection: Ethics? Science? (Should we base our arguments on ethics or science? Is any research OK?) - M. Cohen

* 10am
> Testing on Animals (testing of household and personal care products on animals) - Amundson, Katz, Stephens
> Running a Sanctuary (buildings, staffing, animal care, education programs) - L. Bauston, Sturla, Weir
> Enacting Federal Legislation (selecting issues, forging coalitions, dealing with legislators and committees) - G. Bauston, Davis, Lyman, Pacelle
> How to Determine Priorities? (Most numerous? Most suffering? Most endangered? Most smart? Most cuddly?) - Carter-Long

* 11am
> Education and Training (dissection in schools; dog labs in medical schools) - Balcombe, M. Cohen, Hepner, D. Smith
> Rescuing Animals (cruelty cases, fires, floods) - L. Bauston, Crisp, Wagner
> Enforcing Protective Laws (discussions, petitions, and lawsuits to achieve enforcement) - Merritt, Schlueter, Wolfson
> Too Judgmental Or Defensive? (should we be less defensive or less judgmental in dealing with others?) - Davis

* 12noon
> Manufacturing Animals (genetic engineering; drug manufacture; xenotransplantation) - M. Cohen, M. Fox, Jacobs
> Fund Raising & Management (direct mail, events, planned giving, foundations, accounting & audits) - Henderson, Katz, Pacheco, Stallwood
> Waging Effective Campaigns (reviews of effective campaigns) - Cave, Reiman, Stagno, Sullivan
> What Price Media? (How far should we go to get media? Naked? Jesus? Beer? Pies?) - Pacelle

Lunch (1-2pm)

Workshops - I,O,R, 'Rap' (2-6pm)
* 2pm
> Puppy Mills (breeding of dogs for sale) - DeRose, M. Smith
> Forging Coalitions (identifying prospects and interests, types of coalitions, feeding and care) - Hazard, Hershaft, Weir, Wishnick
> Outreach to Children (coloring books, games, videos, TV programs) - Amundson, Sturla, Weil
> What Price Animal Liberation? (How far should we go to liberate animals? Rescue? Arson? Bombing?) - Katz

* 3pm
> Unwanted Companions (treatment; spay/neuter; no-kill shelters; pet theft) - Avanzino, DeRose, Hazard
> Conflict Resolution (identifying sources, opening communications, building trust, mediation) - Friedman, Hershaft, K. Shapiro
> Outreach to Schools (teacher kits, humane curricula, lectures, field trips) - Hershaft, McCarthy, Weil
> What Price Solidarity? (Who and when should protest counterproductive tactics by other groups?) - Cave

* 4pm
> Urban Wildlife (feral cats and dogs; predation by domestic cats; urban rodents) - Holton, Markarian, Natelson
> National-Grassroots Relations (campaign management, communication channels, distribution of funds) - Hershaft, Leonard, Newkirk, P. Shapiro
> Outreach to Youth (organizing student activists) - Friedrich, Kwan, Norris, Wicklund
> Telling Friends From Enemies (how do we switch from harassing our friends to confronting our enemies?) - DeRose

* 5pm
> Eating Our Companions (abuse, sale, transport, and slaughter of companion animals for food) - M. Fox, Kivette, Wagner
> Armchair Activism (letter writing, talk show calling, family and workplace outreach) - Goulart, Lama, McCrosky, Newkirk
> Outreach to Community (identifying issues and allies, seizing opportunities) - Chiodo, Hazard, Nocella, Schlueter
> Why Can't We All Get Together? (How far should we go? Communication, cooperation, joint projects, mergers.) - Lyman

* Dinner (6-7pm)

Plenary Sessions (7-10pm)
Announcements II (20 30-sec announcements of new projects)
Workshop Previews III (30-sec previews of selected next day's workshops)
> Putting Compassion into Action - Avanzino, R. Cohen, Newkirk
> Animals and Politics - Hagelin, Hershaft, McLellan, Nealon, Pacelle
> Report from Abroad - M. Fox, Genteel, Natelson, Thew
Reception (10-11pm)
Welcome by ARN and PCRM - M. Cohen, Stallwood
Talent Show - Tuttle

Monday, July 3
Group Workouts (7:30-8:15am) - Shoss, Tuttle
Breakfast (8:30)
Exhibits and Videos (9am-6pm)

Workshops-I,O,R,Camp's (9am-1pm)
* 9am
> Skins Off Their Backs (raising, slaughter, and trapping of animals for fur) - Bays, Glover, Goodwin
> Effective Field Investigations (what/where/why, equipment, procedures, authority) - G. Bauston, Derby, Eisnitz, Hindi
> Outreach to Business (identifying common interests and allies, making the approach, closing) - Henderson, Holton, Pryor
> Diet Campaigns I (Meatout, CHOICE, 5 A Day, VegPledge) - Goodrum, Hershaft, Lyman

* 10am
> Killing for 'Sport' (hunting and fishing for amusement; canned hunts) - Carr, Pacelle, Prescott
> Research On the Internet (useful web sites, conducting searches, launching inquiries, transferring data) - Ball, Goodrum, Howard, Schubert
> Outreach to Workplace (identifying common interests and allies, making the approach, closing) - K. Shapiro, Sutton, Wishnick
> Diet Campaigns II (Jesus, impotence, McDonald's, no-milk, milk moustache, vegan certification) - Blatte, R. Cohen, Friedrich

* 11am
> Greatest Show on Earth (animals in zoos, circuses, and side shows) - Elroy, Howard, Jones, Merritt, Weir
> Accessing Official Records (FOIA, other overt and covert techniques) - Carter-Long, Eisnitz, Schlueter
> Outreach to Public Interest (public interest perspectives on our movement) - Ayres, Bedford, Kwan
> Agriculture Campaigns I (World Farm Animals Day, veal, downers, forced molting, slaughter) - G. Bauston, Davis, Eisnitz, Hershaft, Pryor

* 12noon
> Animal Competition (animals in racing, rodeos, and fights) - Hindi, E. Mills, Pacelle, Theil
> Advances in Communications (computer/e-mail/fax/phone interfacing and broadcasting techniques) - DeMello, Olson, Pryor
> Outreach to Religious Groups (identifying common interests and allies, making the approach, closing) - M. Fox, Goulart, Kalechofsky, McCarthy
> Agriculture Campaigns II (American horses, Indian leather, Korean dogs, foie gras, European campaigns) - Hershaft, Kivette, Lazarus, Reiman, Sullivan, Wagner

Lunch (1-2pm)

Workshops - I,O,R,Camp's (2-6pm)
* 2pm
> Animals and the Law (legal status of animals in the US and other countries) - Frasch, Waisman
> Effective Web Sites (attractive design, rapid loading, getting listed/linked) - Schubert, Sutton, Turner
> Outreach to State Politicians (obtaining position and platform plank, enlightening convention, electioneering) - Nixon, Vellucci, Weir
> Medicine Campaigns I (World Week, Procter & Gamble, Coulston, primate tour, Rockefeller cats) - DeRose, Katz, Rosebraugh, Stagno

* 3pm
> Animals and Lawlessness (legislation and litigation on behalf of animals in agriculture) - Davis, Goodrum, Wolfson
> Effective Publications (design and printing of fact sheets, brochures, newsletters, posters, stickers) - Hershaft, Norris, Stallwood
> Outreach to Nat'l Politicians (obtaining position and platform plank, enlightening convention, electioneering) - Amundson, Hershaft, McLellan, Pacelle
> Medicine Campaigns II (monoclonal antibodies, cosmetic coalition, Illinois dissection) - Hazard, Nixon, D. Smith

* 4pm
> Animal Welfare Act (implementation of AWA in puppy mills, laboratories, zoos, circuses) - Friedlander, M. Smith
> Effective Advertising (newspapers, transportation, billboards) - Glover, Jones, Olson
> Outreach to Media - Us (news releases & opinion pieces, contacts, events, news and talk shows) - Blanchard, Carter-Long, Friedrich, Pacelle, Vellucci
> Foreign Campaigns (European campaigns, Israeli campaigns, China Tour) - Genteel, Lazarus, Thew

* 5pm
> Wildlife Protection (Endangered Species Act, marine mammal protection legislation.) - Ayres, Markarian, Watson
> Effective Displays (stationary, mobile) - Derby, Lama
> Outreach to Media - Them (media perspectives on our movement) - Erbe, McCarthy
> Companion Campaigns (property, Spay Day, pet theft, no-kill) - DeRose, Hazard, Katz

Banquet (6:30-7:30pm)

Plenary Sessions (7:30-10pm)
Workshop Previews IV (30-sec previews of selected next day's workshops)
> Memorial Observance (honoring the life and work of Jay Dinshah, Henry Spira, and Cleveland Amory)
> Movement Pioneers - Cave, Pacheco
> 'The Witness' (poignant story of one man's epiphany) - Lama, LaVeck
> AR2000 Report - DeRose, Hershaft, Lyman, Pacheco
> Animal Rights Hall of Fame - Hershaft
> Special Awards - Blanchard, Erbe, Hershaft, Kwan, Silverstone

Reception (10-11pm)
Welcome by AV and NEAVS - Amembal
Piano Concert - Genteel

Tuesday, July 4
Group Workouts (7:30-8:15am) - Shoss, Tuttle
Breakfast (8:30)
Exhibits and Videos (9am-1pm)

Workshops - I,R,Camp's (9am-1pm)
* 9am
> Nature of Violence (What is it? How does it affect us? When is it justified?) - McCarthy, Rosebraugh, K. Shapiro, Wicklund
> New Tactics for Agriculture (promoting meatless foods, enforcing current laws, exposing cruelties) - Hershaft, Lyman, Pryor
> Fur Campaigns (Fur-Free Friday, Macy's & Neiman-Marcus, British campaigns) - Cave, Glover, Goodwin, Park

* 10am
> Commonality of Oppression (similarities among oppression of animals, women, racial minorities) - Carter-Long, Hershaft, K. Shapiro, Spiegel
> New Tactics for Medicine (tissue culture research, exposing cruelties, personhood for primates) - M. Cohen, R. Cohen, Stephens, Thew
> 'Sport' Campaigns (Hegins, fishing, bullfighting, greyhounds) - Carr, Hindi, E. Mills, Prescott, Theil

* 11am
> Compassion Into Action (Is compassion a virtue? How should it affect our actions?) - Henderson, Morlino, Yourofsky
> New Tactics for Companions (spay/neuter, chemical neutering, banning puppy mills, no-kill shelters) - DeRose, Hazard, Katz
> Exhibit Campaigns (circuses, zoos, horse-tripping) - Friedman, Nixon

* 12noon
> Animal Spirit (role of animals in spiritual beliefs and activities) - M. Fox, Goulart, Randour, Tuttle
> New Tactics for Amusement (banning animal trafficking, circuses, and rodeos, improving zoos and racing) - Elroy, Glover, Goodwin, Hindi, Markarian
> Wildlife Campaigns (Sea Shepherd, grazing) - Hudak, Watson

* Lunch (1-2pm)

Plenary Sessions (2-5pm)
Announcements III (20 30-sec announcements of new projects)
> Strategies for the New Century - M. Fox, Hershaft, Katz, Newkirk
> Keynote Addresses - DeRose, Lyman, Watson
> Closing Ceremony - R. Cohen, Tuttle
Ind.Day Dinner/Tour (6pm-12am)

Wednesday, July 5
Lobby Day
Hotel Pickup
Breakfast Briefing
Congressional Visits
Lunch Debriefing

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