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25 June 2000 Issue

Milk Hurts
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Are you a compassionate milk-drinking vegetarian? If so, you will be responsible for the slaughter of at least three animals.

The average American consumes the equivalent of 29.2 ounces each day of milk and dairy products which adds up to a total yearly consumption of 666 pounds per American.

Each year, the average cow produces 20,500 pounds of milk. According to the U.S. Almanac, an American born today is expected to live for 77 years. In his/her lifetime, he/she will consume 51,282 pounds of milk. Assume that half of all calves are male and half are female. The male calf becomes veal. The female grows to become another milk-producing cow.

Therefore, the average American, through milk consumption, will be responsible for the life and death of two+ dairy cows and one baby bull.

Forget for a moment that a cow's body fluids contain virus, pus, bacteria, powerful growth hormones, allergenic proteins, saturated fat, cholesterol, antibiotics, and dioxins. None of those things are good for your body. Your milk consumption is also dangerous for the mother cow and her children. The slaughterhouse stun gun is painful. The knife cuts through the animal's throat, and the animal's pain is horribly real. You, the cheese eater, are responsible for her death.

Two cows, one baby. You steal her body fluids, and must be held accountable for her death and the death of her child.
Source: Robert Cohen <[email protected]>

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