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2 July 2000 Issue

Homeopathic Flea and Insect Repellents

You can use his formula for any critter -- mosquitoes, flies, aphids, ants, etc. However, I would recommend that if you don't want to kill these critters (which I don't recommend if you don't have to) you can buy at a pharmacy:

Ant: Formica Rufa
Mosquito: Culex
Head Lice: Pediculus Capitis
Flea: Pulex Irritans
Honey Bee: Apis Mellifica
Wasp: Vespa Crabro
Tick: Gotta make this one by hand You can also order these from: Hahnemann
Pharmacy, Albany, CA at: 1-510-527-3003, and use a 6X potency.


Catch 3-6 fleas -- smash 'em up real good -- put them in 1/2 cup water (in a bottle), cap it and shake in the palm of your hand hard (hopefully a container with a cork or cap on it when you do this :-)) 100 times. Stop.

Strain it through muslin into another container because you don't want bits of the body or anything in any of your other bottles.

Then, take 1 teaspoon of it (don't bring a body of a flea with it) into another 1/2 cup of water (clean glass), cap it and shake it 100 times in the palm of your hand. Stop.

Then, take 1 teaspoon out of it, and put into another 1/2 cup/glass of water. Cap it and shake it 100 times. Stop.

Then, take 1 teaspoon out of it, put into another 1/2 cup/glass of water. Cap it and shake it 100 times. Write on a label: FLEAS 4X and put it on the container -- keep it tightly capped and in your refrigerator.

Then, get a spray bottle -- pint or quart size. Fill with water. Put one teaspoon of this last bottle into it. Gently shake it. Then, spray it on animal 3 times a day for 2 days and watch the fleas leave town!

Be sure to do this OUTSIDE or fleas will jump off in your home!

If you have fleas in carpet, you can spray this directly on it (lightly -- you don't have to soak anything). Do it 3 days in a row.

If you run out of your 4X potentized fleas, you can always make more.

IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT THE REMEDY PRE-MADE: 1. Put 6 tablets in quart of water and gently shake until tablets are dissolved.

2. Put one pint of water into a spray bottle. Spray the area that is affected OR spray the area where you want to keep them from entering or moving across.

3. Example: if you have fleas in your carpet -- spray your carpet. If they are on the dog, spray the dog (or cat or whomever). If you have ticks around, spray it on your clothes before going out -- but ALWAYS check yourself for ticks upon your return.

The above website explains the concept thoroughly and gives instructions for making your own. However, Pulex 6x can be purchased easily at any homeopathic pharmacy.

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