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12 July 2000 Issue

Sonar Dangers to Whales Proven
by Bobbie Sandoz, MSW,
Author, Listening to Wild Dolphins [email protected]

Dr. Darlene Ketten's ear exams on stranded whales bleeding from their eyes have provided the link between whale strandings and Navy sonar tests, long suspected by environmentalists and non-government scientists.

In view of persistent government failure to provide autopsies that would reveal whether or not stranded mammals had suffered the tissue, lung, and ear explosion symptoms predicted by the Marine Mammal Commission to be the result of sonar exposure, these tests were facilitated by an interesting source.

The whales, who often swim great distances in order to strand before us on our shores and reveal their struggle beneath the sea, came this time to a beach fronting the home of Dr. Ken Balcomb, a caring marine biologist who made sure they received timely and appropriate autopsies.

Now that the suspected link has been firmly established, it offers new clues to the "mysterious" deaths of other cetaceans and marine mammals with similar symptoms stranding by the thousands all over the world. As a result, continued efforts to ignore and deny such serious problems with this risky technology will no longer slip by the American public and press with the same ease previously enjoyed.

Non government scientists and environmentalists have been trying to warn of the immense and lethal force of these new sonar devices being secretly tried throughout the world in preparation for full deployment in 80% of our oceans. Government studies on their results have been secret, swift, and shoddy and have provided more evidence for dire concerns than the assurances of safety they had hoped to produce.

Now, the key is for the American public to sleep with one eye open until all pressure to press forward has stopped. Clearly let your congressional representatives know that you want this new brand of sonar out of the water in order to keep our oceans safe and preserve life on earth as we know it.

If we unite in both action and prayer to preserve our beautiful blue oceans and the wondrous marine life within them, we will become a better humanity who can look our own souls in the eye.

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