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19 July 2000 Issue

"Canned" Hunt or Can Hunt?

Submitted by [email protected]
2000 By Diana Moreton.
Written in response to the Brady Ranch canned
hunt I attended on July 15, in Indiantown, Florida.

[Editor's Note: This last weekend, a youth hunt was held at the Brady Ranch in Indiantown, Florida. These children were guaranteed a kill because the ranch is completely fenced. All proceeds were to go to the evangelical ministry group that used the hunt to teach kids about God and nature.]

There ‘it' is, little David Jones. Do you see that extremely aware and sensitive creature with slightly upturned nose, sniffing an invisible scent in the mid-day air? He is standing over there in the mulberry bushes, near the moist fir tree, with a beating heart of gold.

Now, David, I'm gonna stand behind you and help you line the cross hairs up just so. Don't move, David. Stay perfectly still. Don't take your eye off the target because you are gonna pull the trigger real soon. Now on the count of three, I want you to pull your small, innocent finger toward your chin. Make sure you get ‘it' on the first shot, little David. You wouldn't want to make the 'thing' suffer. It is an animal, but always bear in mind that God says we have the right to kill them because we are superior. We have the nature of God more than they.

Don't worry about those animal rights people with the tough tattoos on their calves, holding their silently loud signs out front, who protest just beyond the unforgiving fence. They need to get lives. They need to stop being concerned with saving the lives of mute animals who cannot defend themselves. They should instead be concerned with saving the minds of children who are taught by calloused, ignorant adults they think they can trust, to perpetuate the ritual of speciesism under the guise of religion. Some of us do penetrate through the brainwash storms of life, little David, and learn that religion, along with culture and tradition, may eventually reconcile people who possess the same mindset, to band together to invoke any atrocity, as long as it is legal!

‘Canned' hunts are as premeditated and as cold as they sound. Let the child feel the thrill of the kill, so when he wants to feel the same power and control again, he will have already gotten practice on an animal. When he premeditates killing again, perhaps it will be a human. At least he will be versed and prepared. He has gotten practice by an adult he loves. He will know that old black magic; the excited, tingling feeling; the rush of snuffing out a substantial life to the individual who possessed it.

When this child grows up to have the kind and benevolent eyes of a grandfather, will he tell the tale of how a band of bloodthirsty people with the same mindset, all set out one hot summer day in mid July 2000, to terrorize a select number of victimized animals? Will his grandchildren learn speciesism; being careful to carry on the family religion?

Will he walk away from this experience knowing it is okay to kill the shiny mockingbird on the bough, who imitates and recites so many melodious sounds with all of his/her heart? "Train up a child in the way he shall go; and when he is older he shall not depart from it."

Someday, the lion shall lay down with the lamb. Perhaps both these animals, who sit in security now, were murdered by a handicapped child. When the LionLamb Day evolves, no creature will ever suffer again because of human ignorance. We hope for this day soon. It is a much needed day. It will be a day for global celebration; for it will be the first day the Earth is healed of the things which don't yet exist; the things we pray for the most.

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