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9 August 2000 Issue

H.O.P.E. For Horses
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H.O.P.E., The Humane Organization to Protect Equines ( H.O.P.E. ) was born when our founder realized that the general public in America was unaware that horses were being slaughtered in the United States so that they could be eaten by people in other countries whose gourmet tastes allow the enjoyment of horse flesh. As you know little horse flesh is eaten in the U.S.

The method used to kill horses at the slaughterhouses is unimaginably cruel. The horses do not die instantly and certainly not painlessly. Eyewitness accounts from the slaughterhouse workers themselves, tell of the dreadful screams, urinating from the fear of the sounds, how their terrified eyes followed the workers around as they hang suspended by one leg on the bleed line, drowning in their own blood after their throats were slit. Some are even skinned while still alive. Unborn foals growing in their mother's wombs die when the mare is gutted, and are put in dumpsters with the rest of the slaughter waste.

Horses are not slaughtered in this country for pet food as many people believe. Horsemeat that appears as an ingredient in some pet foods comes from the waste meat of the beef industry.

H.O.P.E. will also address the issues surrounding the foals from PMU farms that breed mares every year to produce urine to manufacture the estrogen replacement drug Premarin. The drug is manufactured by Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, but their patent on the drug recently expired, and other manufacturers are planning to put out generic forms. The generics still require urine from pregnant mares.

Killer buyers who wait patiently at auctions all across the country to purchase the leftover horses and transport to the slaughterhouses are a major part of the horror but it is important to note it doesn't end here. Recent reliable estimates show that approximately 40,000 foals are being born as a result of Premarin production each year. Efforts are being made to rescue some of these foals each year, however the sheer numbers make rescue of all foals impossible, and as a result, many go to slaughter sometimes as young as 2 months old. The PMU foals should never be born for the reason they come into this world. Our fight against Premarin must take two directions if we are to succeed; end slaughter and educate women and the medical professions, including your doctors, to reduce the use of Premarin (and its sister drugs), so the vast profits that are now promoting other companies to begin manufacture, causing an increase in PMU farming, are no longer there.

The Humane Organization for the Protection of Equines (H. O. P. E.) will hold a Rally in Lafayette Park, in Washington, D. C., on September 18, 2000. Watch for more information on this in future issues of Animal Writes, or contact [email protected]

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