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16 August 2000 Issue

Warning Signs

The following may signal that your companion animal needs medical attention.

You should seek veterinary care:
1) Anytime you find a lump on the animal's skin
2) If the animal seems unusually short of breath
3) If the animal experiences a sudden change in appetite.
4) If the animal starts losing weight.
5) If the animal drinks often and urinates more frequently.

Is Chocolate Really Toxic to Animals?

YES! Chocolate is a tasty toxin, which like caffeine, is dangerous to dogs, cats and ferrets when eaten in large quantities. Baking chocolate is the most dangerous. Keep chocolate out of reach of animals at all times.

Coughing can be Serious

Coughing is the most common sign of heart disease in pets. If your dog has been coughing for more than 24 hours, see your vet. Coughing is extremely rare in cats and should always be seen by a vet.

Pulse Check

Feel on the inside of his back thigh, where the leg joins the body.
Normal for cats: 110-170 beats a minute.
Normal for dog: 70-150 beats a minute.

Bad Breath

1) A sweet, fruity scent could indicate diabetes, especially if your pet is
drinking or urinating more than usual.
2) A urine-like smell might mean kidney disease.
3) A mouth odor that vets simply describe as "foul", when accompanied by
vomiting, loss of appetite, swelling of the abdomen or yellowing of the eyes
or gums, could indicate a liver disorder.

Carrots anyone?

When an animal has bad teeth, bacteria can get into circulation around the gums. The bacteria float around the bloodstream and eventually settle on the heart valve. To help keep your pet's teeth clean, brush or scrub the teeth daily. In addition, giving the animal raw carrots and hard rubber toys to chew will help keep the teeth clean.

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