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13 September 2000 Issue

HOPE In Washington, Soon
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In just 8 short days, we will be there, in Lafayette Park, in Washington, D.C., for the horses! After a long year of hard work, words just don't exist to describe how excited the Organization Committee and the many, many HOPE supporters feel on the eve of the first annual national demonstration against horse slaughter!

As we gather in the Park on Monday, September 18, we will all know that Monday is a significant day in slaughter. It is the day when the largest number of horses are killed each week. As the minutes pass, and we listen to the voices of the speakers, and the crowd, we will also be hearing in our minds the awful sound of the stun device striking flesh and bone, and hear the scrabbling of hooves as the horse tries to escape it's fate, and the dreadful thud of its body hitting the floor of the stun chute. We will feel the terror, and pain of the wound from which there can be no recovery. We will hear the rattle of the shackle as it is attached to a leg, and see in our minds the knife cutting through soft, warm hide to the vital arteries, and the spill of the lifegiving blood as the heart pumps it out to the drains.

What we will show in the undercover videos taken in horse slaughterhouses will actually be happening to horses at that very moment.


Due to technicalities in the incorporation of HOPE, we have changed our formal name from Humane Organization to Protect Equines (H.O.P.E.) to HOPE for Horses! We like the new name, and feel it really represents what we are doing - providing HOPE for the horses that might otherwise end up at the slaughterhouse in the future. We HOPE you like it, too!


If you will be joining us in Washington, please take a minute to visit our travel and directions pages! Two of our wonderful HOPE supporters in the D.C. area have spent a great deal of time gathering information and maps that will be invaluable to the Rally attendees in getting around Washington.

All the information you need is there, and you are free to print any of the pages to carry with you. Please visit:

PayPal will donate $5.00 to HOPE when you sign up for a PayPal account! PayPal is the fast and easy way to pay for internet purchases and auction buys without giving out your credit card numbers, and without the hassle of mailing out checks. Visit our HOPE website, and just follow the PayPal Sign Up! link.

The full Rally program, with times, will be up on our website on Thursday, and will also be sent to each of you as a special supplement to this newsletter.


If you are coming to Washington on Sunday, September 17th, join us in Rock Creek Park for the trailer decorating! We will be gathering there at 2 p.m. to put the posters and cards on the trailers for the Caravan. If you are bringing your own vehicle, and want to participate in the Caravan, we will give you posters to put on the doors of your car or truck. Directions to Rock Creek Park are on our Travel site. We look forward to seeing you there.


The Rally will begin at 11 a.m. Please plan to be at the park shortly before 11. Due to Park Service rules and regulations, only the set up crews will be allowed in the Park any earlier. If you are bringing signs to carry, please remember that Park Service rules require that all signs be hand carried, and cannot be mounted on sticks. Please also remember that HOPE's goal is a peaceful, educational event, and we ask that no one wear costumes, or act in any extreme manner while at the Rally.


September is also a month that has special significance in horse slaughter, because August and September are the time of year when the babies from the pregnant mare urine production farms are auctioned. Most of these babies, only four to six months old, are bought by killer buyers for the slaughterhouses. Some of these babies may be being forced into the stun chute, their little heads taking the horrible blow, as we stand in Lafayette Park protesting this senseless slaughter.

Desiccated urine from pregnant mares is used in the manufacture of Premarin, a conjugated estrogen used in hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women, and is also prescribed for dogs with urinary incontinence. The urine is collected through bags attached to the mares, who stand in straight stalls during their pregnancy so every drop of the estrogen-laden urine can be collected. Each year these mares are bred only to produce the estrogen-rich urine. The foals resulting from these breedings are a by-product, "industrial waste" of a billion-dollar hormone replacement drug industry, to be disposed of as quickly as possible. Best estimates show that there are as many as 80,000 mares being used this way, producing nearly that many foals each and every year. These babies are only born to die.

Now there is an alternative, that doesn't bear the cost of foals' lives. Duramed Pharmaceuticals has received FDA approval for an equivalent hormone replacement drug that is derived completely from plants. HOPE supports and applauds Duramed for their intensive efforts in bringing to market a replacement drug that will save the lives of thousands of foals.

If you, or someone in your family is taking Premarin or another PMU product, please visit the Duramed site for more information on Cenestin! Talk with your doctor about switching from Premarin to Cenestin, and save lives.

And please watch the HOPE site for our Premarin flyer that will be coming out soon, and help HOPE educate doctors and women about the alternatives to Premarin, and the hidden cost of foals lives, as we go forward through the coming year to educate the public about the price the HORSES pay for this drug.


As we leave Washington on the 18th, we will leave knowing that the close of this year's Rally is not the end of the work that needs to be done before horse slaughter is over forever. The triad of organizations that comprise the North American Alliance Against Horse Slaughter, HOPE for Horses, HelpHorses in Canada, and the United States Citizens Committee Against Horse Slaughter (USCCAES), will be moving strongly forward with educational programs to help bring horse slaughter into national awareness, and moving steadily towards the most important phase of our work -- introducing and passing legislation that will outlaw horse slaughter throughout the United States and Canada.

The HOPE Organization Committee

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