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1 October 2000 Issue

The Rebirth of The Animals' Voice Magazine
From: Laura A. Moretti - [email protected] (Animals Voice Online)


Hello friends.

Some of you know me, but perhaps most of you don't, so allow me to introduce myself and The Animals' Voice Magazine. If you're already familiar with the publication, you can skip this introduction and go directly to where you'll find the magazine reborn on the Internet. You'll find there more than 100 pages of editorial, as many images, and nearly 200 outside links. This introduction will give you an overview of what The Animals' Voice Magazine was, what it has become, and where we know it's going.

Like its print version, your news is our news. We are still all about exposés, global networking, and moving the heart a bit closer to truth. We invite you to check out right now, and then let us know how we can further help you help animals (reciprocal links, editorial and photographic contributions, advertising, reaching our database of activists, groups, the media, legislators, the clergy, et al, with your message of animal defense).

If you help us (by word-of-mouth advertising, exchanging ads with us on your web site or newsletter, letting your readership or members know about us, etc.), we'll help you in return. And that makes us a team, which is what we need to be!

Oh, and don't worry about seeing graphic photography. These times and the Internet were made for us. Unless you CHOOSE to (ah, yes, the magic of "rollover images"), you won't see anything graphic on any page of the web site.


I founded and then began producing "The Animals' Voice" out of my typewriter, on my living room coffee table, back in 1982. I had the four-page black-and-white "newsletter" photocopied, then circulated among the rural countryside of upstate New Jersey. Its mission was to provoke unprecedented discussion about a little known but growing concept: that animals, differing from humans only in degree but not in kind, had inherent rights, among them the right to freedom from human exploitation.

In its first year of humble production, The Animals' Voice played a critical role in turning New Jersey into a steel-jawed trap-free state. Its uncompromising position on behalf of animals, coupled with its in-depth investigative editorial, was as informative as it was transformative. It then took on a life of its own (and I became a means to its end).

A full-color, global networking magazine was born. It never retreated from its position of being an effective voice on behalf of animals: from activist frontlines to the hidden recesses of animal abuse and exploitation, from bullfighting to bear-baiting, veal crates to vivisection. And its truth-telling presence on the world stage brought the wrath of its adversaries for hitting too close to home ("If nothing has got you fired up yet to stop the animal rights movement," Trapper and Predator Caller warned its readership, "then this magazine should.").

The magazine also gave birth to activist organizations in remote corners of the globe. Hong Kong's first animal rights organization, for example, credited The Animals' Voice Magazine with its inception. There are now a couple of animal defense organizations thriving there.

For 11 years, the international Animals' Voice Magazine topped the charts in publishing excellence, both in design and editorial, taking the 1990 Maggie Award for Best Overall Issue in Politics and Current Affairs. Spearheaded by its Board President Sudhir Amembal, the magazine was the first, and only, of its kind to be commended by a mainstream audience.

But such a position is costly, both in terms of finances and in taxing the environment (even though we used recycled paper in its later years). And the amount of money it took to reach the amount of people we did was dismaying at best. So, after more than a decade of production, The Animals' Voice Magazine opted to merge with its sister publication, The Animals' Agenda, an equally strident activist periodical, and thereby effectively shut down the presses.

I then turned my focus to the Internet. For a third of the cost, one can reach ten times as many people, and all without paper.

So Amembal and I have teamed up again. I taught myself web design (and that wasn't without heartache in itself!), and with his backing, we have launched AnimalsVoice Online, everything the print magazine was, and more! This first-rate web site (at least we think so) contains the same timely news, current and eloquent commentary, priceless in-depth investigative reports, compelling prose and poetry, and thought-provoking philosophy, as well as award-winning design and powerful (and sometimes) graphic photography.

With your support, our site will also feature an annotated anthology of humane thought, an extensive resource section of books, film, media and legislative contacts, animal defense organizations and their propaganda, links to hundreds of groups and related sites, as well as selected, timeless highlights from the pages of The Animals' Voice Magazine's eleven-year reign.

We also have two sister sites in the plans, one on the celebration of animals and nature (, and the other on animal rescue and sanctuary (

Future plans also include the inclusion of video spotlights of animal issues and interviews, musicians' audios, artistic and photographic gallery exhibits, and live, online chats with celebrities and activists from around the world. A grassroots section, interactive bulletin board, and photographic archive will make AnimalsVoice Online the single most powerful Internet tool for animal activists and newcomers worldwide, bar none.

The goal of AnimalsVoice Online is to become an Internet "household" word. But we want to reach far and beyond the animal defense community. We want it to be THE place to go regarding information about animal rights, its defenders, and the critical issues affecting animals. We want the mass media to use it. We want Congress to use it. We want the global clergy to use it. We want university libraries to use it. And we're not stopping there, either.

We want to turn every visitor to into an activist.

Stop on by: the online magazine for animals. The power of the press still belongs to us.

Thanks for "listening."

Laura A. Moretti, Executive Editor
The Animals' Voice
1354 East Ave #252
Chico, CA 95926
email: [email protected]

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