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25 October 2000

By [email protected]

When casting our vote for the next president of the United States of America, we have an opportunity to make changes for the animals as well as to send a message about what we feel is important. But of the present candidates, who will make those changes, and who shall I choose?

I've watched the debates, I've listened to other people's reasoning, and read lots of political hoopla, but since I'm an animal advocate, doesn't it come down to who will have the best chance of winning?

I'm told that Governor Bush blew apart frogs when he was young -- not much compassion and empathy there. I'm told that Vice President Gore says he's for environmentalism, but does little about it and doesn't have a clear understanding what it really means. I'm also told that they are both hunters.

Then there is Ralph Nader. I'm told that he is really the best chance for the animals, but not only did his running mate feel that tradition is more important than animal life (the Makah whale situation), but does Mr. Nader really even have a chance at winning?

My fear is that if I cast my vote with a candidate that has little chance of winning, then I will be enabling the candidate to win that would be the worst choice. Is it enough to just send a message that I'm dissatisfied with the status quo? Next year or the year after, will it really matter to the animals that I sent a message by voting for a candidate that has little chance? Will enough of the country also want to send a message that there might be a real chance of an upset - a chance for a third party candidate to actually make it to the White House? Should I stake the animal's rights and welfare on that slim chance?

I do believe that for the sake of the animals, we have to make our voices heard. I know that our letter writing efforts through ARO's Alert for Action have made positive changes for the animals. Whatever the final decisions made, I hope it benefits those that we try so hard to give a voice.

When one of ARO's volunteers told me of the following website, it helped a lot to further define the issues, especially the local ones. Please take a peek.

Animals Elect America

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