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29 October 2000


In search of speed and profits, the greyhound industry treats dogs who "run short" (don't win) as undesirable "surplus."

Far from the cheers of the crowd, thousands of greyhounds who don't finish "in the money" are sold or donated to schools and laboratories for experimentation, dissection, and surgical training. These unfortunate victims end up as body parts on dissection slabs or as the "subjects" of painful experiments.

In the U.S. each year, an estimated 20,000 - 30,000 greyhounds are killed, including thousands of puppies.


Greyhounds are characteristically gentle and undemanding. They seldom bite, no matter what pain or indignities are inflicted upon them. Plentiful, convenient, expendable, and good-natured, they are very desirable to experimenters.

In addition, greyhounds' popularity on the "grey market" is fueled by vivisectors' claims that a greyhound's pulse and heart size approximate a human's and that their low body fat ensures that their organs are readily accessible.


With ample availability, greyhounds have been used in classroom dissections. Students have been shocked to see the slender animals' body parts lifeless and dissected in front of them - perhaps so resembling their own companion animal's.

Countless victims

The actual total figures on the use of greyhounds in experiments and dissection are not available. This is because the USDA reports include only the label "dog" without breed specifications. Here, though, are just a few disturbing examples of the numbers involved:

* 2,652 greyhounds used for terminal labs and dissection at Colorado State University, 214 of whom were donated by MA-licensed owners and kennel owners. (1995-1998, Rocky Mountain News)

* 600 greyhounds sold to laboratories for medical research. (1990, Arizona, Phoenix Gazette)

* 595 greyhounds used for research. (1994-1999, Iowa State University canine acquisition records)

* 100+ greyhounds - including 57 puppies - euthanized. (January 1996 to May 1998, Kansas State University canine acquisition records)

* 40 greyhounds illegally donated for medical research at Mississippi State University (Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal)

And there are countless others. . .

We CAN stop this!

Public opposition forced the University of California at Davis to release several of the 56 greyhounds purchased for research in 1989. (Woodland Democrat)

Animal allies pressured the University of Arizona to release 12 greyhounds from its lab in 1994 on the grounds that they were obtained without their owners' permission. (The Arizona Republic)

An adoption agency received six greyhounds from Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998 after it was determined that the dogs were purchased from local race tracks without the owners' permission. Unfortunately, this small victory came after 227 greyhounds were already euthanized in 1997 and 1998. (The Birmingham News)

Investigation of a state-sanctioned "greyhound adoption service" in Cedar Rapids, WI, revealed that more than 850 racing dogs were sold to a cardiac research laboratory without permission of many of the dogs' owners. The lab agreed to return about 100 of the greyhounds this year. (Wisconsin State Journal)

How YOU can help!

Massachusetts' greyhounds are not safe from horrible fates as research and learning "tools" or as dissection "specimens." Since each dog can fetch as much as $400 from a laboratory, selling "surplus" greyhounds generates a quick and tidy profit. And donating dogs for such purposes makes for a quick and tidy disposal.

For more information on ending greyhound racing in Massachusetts:
P.O. Box 1606
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
(617) 666-3526

For more educational flyers to distribute:
(617) 523-6020
[email protected]

To report "missing" greyhounds who may have been sold or donated to laboratories or schools without their "owners" consent, or information on how to recover a "missing" dog:
The Greyhound Protection League
1 (800) 446-8637
P.O. Box 669
Penn Valley, CA 95946

For adoption information or for links to adoption and assistance sites:
Greyhound Friends, Inc.
167 Saddle Hill Road
Hopkington, MA 10748
(508) 435-5969

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